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One Year Later: Ecuador Quake Update

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Helping Quito Dump Community Kids Thrive

Join Us In Celebrating 20 Years of Christmas

Short-Term Volunteer Teams Change Lives

Dream Centre: Afterschool Program Provides Boost

Dump Families Receive Compassion, Care

Developing Leaders Multiplies Impact

Teams Share The Joy Of Christmas

ER Focuses on Educational Access


Recent Blogs

  • Christmas 2017: Celebrations Rock!

    December 15, 2017

    ER has been hosting Christmas Outreach Celebrations for 21 years. Hears a snapshot of our 2017 celebrations: 40 parties 4 countries 4 teams of volunteers 80+ volunteers and staff 17 ER partners engaged 5,000+ people reached But those numbers don’t begin to describe the impact of these Christmas Outreaches. The real impact is what takes […]

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  • How Your Year-End Gift Will Change Lives

    December 14, 2017

    Year-End Campaign Update: With 2 weeks left (Dec. 29), ER is half-way to the $200,000 matching funds offered by donors if we raise the entire $200,000. So we need your help! Click here to donate. Your gift is tax-deductible and ER will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes. To donate in Canada, click here and designate your gift […]

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  • Empowering Women: Linda is Mom to 80 Kids

    December 8, 2017

    The following story is one of ER’s Empowering Women blogs that highlight the journeys of women overcoming extreme circumstances to become successful leaders in their families and communities. For some parents, handling even one child is a major challenge. Imagine being a mom to 80 kids at the same time! That’s the role of Linda […]

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How We Serve

"Extreme Response operates seven staff-led programs and activities to help people living in extreme conditions in developing nations."

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Through the work of Extreme Response, thousands of people living in extreme situations are experiencing significant life change. But they’re not the only ones who stand to benefit. You, our donors and volunteers, cannot helped but be changed as well. There’s something very powerful in giving, whether it’s of your finances, your time or your talents.

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As an Extreme Response donor, you’ll help create opportunities to change the lives of families living in extreme poverty.


Videos From the Field

1,000 School Packs to Help Keep Kids in School - We believe the solution to generational poverty is for kids to stay in school, develop life-long knowledge and skills, and join the workforce so they can help their families. But in many developing countries, kids drop out really early because their families cannot afford basic school supplies. We have a plan! We're going to provide packs stuffed with school supplies, and uniforms where needed, to 1,000 at-risk kids. Dawn Carnill shares our plan in this video.

Christmas Celebrations

Each year, we celebrate Christmas with thousands of the poorest of the poor. These celebrations bring hope to the hopeless, build trust and cultivate relationships that Extreme Response has developed with those who have been forgotten by society.

Christmas Outreach Teams serve with Extreme Response staff members, partners and local volunteers by providing gifts, food, games, crafts, face painting and lots of hugs. A sightseeing opportunity is included on every trip. We accept volunteers who are sponsored by their company, school, or church, as well as those coming as individuals, all of whom form a single team serving under the Extreme Response leadership. Christmas Outreach Teams are made up of people from various countries, cultures, races and religious affiliations. Because of the intense schedule, with the average trip lasting 8-14 days depending on the location, we require team members to be a minimum of 16 years old and in good health.