1,000 School Packs to the Rescue

School Packs to the Rescue: Keeping Vulnerable Kids in School!

There is a serious problem in many developing nations. Children drop out of school because their families cannot afford school supplies and uniforms. This lack of education practically guarantees a lifetime of poverty and a lack of hope.

We have a plan to solve this problem. It’s simple and very doable. We’re going to provide school packs to 1,000 at-risk kids in several areas we serve. Places Ecuador, South Africa, Philippines, Haiti, Malawi and India.

Our plan involves delivering customized school packs (stuffed with school supplies) to these kids though staff, partners, volunteers and work teams.


Yes, 1,000 packs!

ER staff and leaders have spent much of the last year strategizing on how to create more measurable impact in the work we do. Our conclusion? Providing educational support to families is a top priority. It’s the one thing that can pull them out of poverty and give them a chance to change their situations.

When children have an education, they are employable, have self-confidence and enjoy real hope for the future. These children will grow up knowing they can earn a living and help their families.

Education is a game-changer for families who previously had no option to improve their situations. The sad truth is that many kids drop out of school in developing countries because their families can not afford uniforms or school supplies.

Together, we can change this!

We’re raising funds to purchase school supplies, uniforms and packs customized for each area we serve. We’ll be giving packs to kids in the Quito Dump After-School Program, South Africa Dream Centre, Manila Children’s Home, and to the children of poor families served by our partner organizations.

It will cost about $33 to purchase the packs and supplies and transport them to the field. $99 will give three kids the chance to stay in school, $990 will provide for 30 kids.

If you can help, click here to donate. Or, send your check to ER School Packs, P.O. Box 345
Snellville, GA 30078-0345.

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