Leadership Community

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Extreme Response is committed to not only changing the lives of those living in extreme situations, but also investing in the leadership of our strategic partners, programs and staff. We help to create sustainability and greater effectiveness.

Extreme Response creates Leadership Communities around the world by providing these four tools to leaders:

  • Training: skills development and help with real life issues.
  • Resources: tools needed to develop leadership and impact.
  • Coaching: an ongoing conversation with a qualified coach.
  • Community: a group of leaders and coaches, connected together.

The Communities we create are defined as:Leadership-1

Global Leadership Summit. Summits bring together a group of global Leaders and Coaches annually over the course of four years.

Regional Gatherings. Connecting the leadership of our Partners and Programs with our Regional Staff. We do this every three years, alternating across our three regions -- the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Leadership-3Regional Summits. Currently we have Summit Events happening in each of our Regions annually. These events target different demographic groups of leaders.

Coaching Groups. We have active coaching groups in each of our regions, connecting leaders together monthly.

Coaching and Consulting. A number of our ER Leadership Team provide coaching and consulting to our Partners and their organizations. This happens throughout the year in individual settings.

Staff Development. While our ER Staff is spread around the world, we work hard to provide ongoing training, resources and networking, delivered virtually or through the activities described above.

For more information Leadership Communities, contact Russ at: rcline@extremeresponse.org