Orphans & Vulnerable Children

"Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for a future." --John F. Kennedy

Since Extreme Response's formation in 1997, we have recognized and addressed the needs of children. Specifically, we help kids who are abused, abandoned, neglected or orphaned.

Children who live on the streets in developing countries are highly vulnerable. By supporting children’s homes and drop-in centers, ER and its partners help provide these children with nutrition, education, a safe and loving environment and hope for the future.

Our Orphans & Vulnerable Children’s (OVC) Initiative was formed to help our programs and partner projects make a greater impact in reversing the cycle of poverty and to provide support to children who have may need to recover from trauma.

The Quito After-School Program, the Dream Centre in South Africa and the Manila Children’s Home are all part of our OVC Initiative. Many of our 30 partner projects provide assistance to orphans and vulnerable children.


Orphans & Vulnerable Children Initiative Projects

Vulnerable Children Nutrition -- 350* kids impacted -- $55,500

Nutritious food, supplements, and nutritional training provided through after-school and educational projects, orphanages and strategic feeding programs.

We are creating impact through:

  • Educational Programs
  • Children’s Homes & Orphanages
  • Rainwater Harvesting Project (BELWOP, Kenya)
  • Strategic Feeding Programs


  • Quito After-School (Ecuador)
  • Dream Centre (South Africa)
  • Manila Children’s Home (Philippines)


  • BELWOP (Kenya)
  • ATAIM (South Africa)
  • Jabulani (South Africa)
  • Pokhara Child Care (Nepal)
  • Seed Of Love (Philippines)
  • Arms Of Love (Philippines)


Manila Children’s Home and Children’s Home Network -- 450* kids, leaders and caregivers impacted in 2018 -- $93,500

The Manila Children’s Home is an award-winning home that provides a safe and loving home for 10 former street boys. To date, nine boys also have been reunited with their families. ER is currently expanding the home to accommodate more boys.

The Children's Home Network is organized and facilitated by the Manila Children's Home director. The purpose of the network is to bring together like-minded leaders from other children’s homes in the Philippines.  Group members share best practices, hold leadership and caregiver training and interact with government child services.


Here's a current project that needs your involvement:

Rainwater Harvesting Project -- Staff + 28 children impacted -- $14,000. These kids are cared for at the BELWOP Child Rescue Center, located in Nyeri, Kenya. They need a dependable source of water. Unfortunately, water delivery is spotty and expensive. But installing a rain collection system will provide water for drinking, bathing and washing. Read our OVC blog to learn more about this life-changing project.


Interested in helping serve Orphans and Vulnerable Children? Please email us at info@extremeresponse.org.