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Interns, Career Staff and Volunteers are vital to the success of Extreme Response and our programs. Without you, we would not be able to change as many lives as we do. The opportunities we offer come through these programs: Internships/Volunteers and Career Workers.

Internship/Volunteer Program

Your time is precious. Most interns and volunteers have a limited amount of time to spend with us, and we value that time. Therefore, we make all your arrangements in advance. When you arrive, you will be able to settle in and hit the ground running in your respective area of service. Our staff and partners will support you and assist you with any needs that arise while living in a different culture, to help you assimilate, and to show you some of the beautiful, interesting places in your country of service.What can you expect while serving as an intern or volunteer with Extreme Response? We have a network of ER offices and partnerships across more than 11 countries. Because of this, we know firsthand where you will be needed most. After getting to know you and learning more about your talents and passions, we will match you with a project where you will flourish!

The benefits of being an intern or volunteer are many. You will have the opportunity for personal growth in a variety of areas within your life. You will receive an authentic cultural experience by working alongside local citizens, eating local cuisine, and living in a city or possibly a village. The experience will be very beneficial for your future employment search or life goals. It can be a great addition for your resume, as global networking opportunities constantly present themselves while you are serving and you will be developing or strengthening your leadership qualities.

Our internships and volunteer positions are vital in helping us achieve our goals. We ask you to cover all of your expenses so that those we serve receive the benefit without any financial burden. Support is raised through Extreme Response, and all supporters will receive a tax receipt.

As an intern or short-term volunteer response worker, you can make a difference in the life of a child...a mother... a family...a community. By working with one of our partner organizations, local groups working with their own people in their own home country, you can change lives.

By giving a month or more of your time, you can experience what it means to give yourself to others. Come join us as we change lives.

Opportunities for internship and volunteers change regularly. Opportunities to work with our partners around the world include:

Americas: Children, schools, orphanages, feeding programs, street kids, medical clinics, community development, education, teaching English, general labor, construction, secretarial, micro business, nursing home, human trafficking restoration

Africa: Children, street people, AIDS victims, orphans, secretarial, construction, community development, micro business, community outreach, life skills training, drug/alcohol addiction

Asia: Children's home, youth work, community development

To learn more about possible internships/volunteering, contact us at

Career Worker

Extreme Response International exists to encourage and facilitate the work of our partner organizations around the world. These organizations are run by nationals who are reaching out to the poor and disadvantaged in their own countries. Many of these organizations are in need of full-time career staff to accomplish their goals. There are a wide variety of needs that the organization may not be able to fill because of lack of finances or lack of skills available. Perhaps this is where you can fit in as a Career Worker for Extreme Response International.

The variety of skills needed is great. There are needs for directors, youth workers, community development and healthcare workers, teachers, construction workers, automotive mechanics, computer specialists and designers, and the list goes on. Perhaps you have been thinking that you would like to serve long term but are not sure where your skills would fit.

If you think you would like to use your skills and talents for one year or more to help the poor and needy of the world, contact us! We can help you locate possible areas of service. We are careful to only place people where there is a great need for their services that cannot be met by nationals.

To learn more about opportunities, email us at:


The best marketing tool available to us is word of mouth: You can let everyone know what we are doing. We have a great selection of Extreme Response merchandise that will work as a conversation starter, and we have developed these great elevator speeches for you to use when you are asked who Extreme Response is.

“Extreme Response changes lives.”


“Extreme Response is an international humanitarian organization working with many community based organizations around the world to change the lives of those living in extreme situations.”


“Extreme Response is an international humanitarian organization working with many community based organizations around the world to change the lives of those living in extreme situations. We focus on orphans, refugees, dump dwellers, people in extreme poverty, and those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. Extreme Response helps to change those lives by responding with compassion and love.”

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