Extreme Response International

Creating Opportunity for Hope + Independence



Through our Dream Center education reinforcement programs, we provide tutoring, mentoring, nutritious meals, school supplies, uniforms, basic life skills and access to extra-curricular activities to vulnerable children on three continents. We demonstrate the love of Christ and share opportunity for lasting life change and hope.



Through our Vocational training programs we work with those living in extreme situations to provide life skills training including: hygiene, health, marriage, parenting, financial literacy, entrepreneurialism basic management, teamwork, problem solving and project management. Our programs are rooted in Bible study, discipleship, relationships and community.



Extreme Response believes that in providing leadership development to strategically placed leaders around the world, we are building sustainability into organizations that are working to change the lives of people living in extreme situations. Our leadership programming leverages the use of experienced and caring coaches with developing leaders.


Creating Big Dreams

Why don’t the poor have dreams, aspirations and hope? Many of the people we work with are stuck in their own very small worlds. They wake up, look for work and food, stay out of the weather, find something to numb the pain and hunger, and find somewhere to sleep. Existence and nothing more. There is no time or energy to imagine, dream, aspire or hope. They have no role models. No one is pouring into them. They receive no praise. They don’t believe change is possible. At Extreme Response our mission is to offer “pathways of hope” to the hopeless and helpless through education reinforcement, livelihood training, nutrition and leadership development. We create opportunities to dream. Most importantly, we seek to offer true and lasting hope, which is found in relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn more about ER’s purpose:



​Drugs, gangs and violence overwhelm many of the children of South Africa. But what if we threw them a life-preserver, something new, challenging and captivating? We’re pleased to announce L327-Fitness, a functional fitness program that combines CrossFit, scripture, mentoring and accountability. L327-Fitness is now up and running near Cape Town.



Today there are big dreams forming among the families located in a community in northeast South Africa. We’re partnering with Jabulani Africa Ministry to launch the Limpopo Dream Center to make those dreams come true. This newly launched center is off to a great start with a fully trained director and staff, plus lots of excited kids.


Dream Centers

ER operates or partners on six Dream Centers in South Africa, Ecuador and the Philippines. Dream Centers provide children with education reinforcement (tutoring, access to computers and internet), school supplies, hot meals, life skills training and a safe and nurturing environment. See how you can help the kids at one or more of these Dream Centers today.


Do you have a passion for helping vulnerable people and demonstrating the love of God to those with little hope? We mobilize short-term volunteers and career staff to build pathways of hope for at-risk people. We are scheduling short-term volunteers for to Ecuador, South Africa, and the Philippines. See how you can be an instrument to change lives.

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