Fast Stat: 100+ women and girls have passed the Golden Hands Sewing Training Course and are now able to help their families generate income.

Michie arrived at ER’s sewing and pattern-making class fraught with fear. She was shy and a loner. Would she fit in with the other women? Would she be able to keep up? Would it be worth the effort?

With no skills or resources, 29-year-old Michie’s future resembled the cloth and thread used in the class – lots of potential, but needing of a whole lot of work to transform into something beautiful.

Enter the staff of ER’s Pathway For Hope program. They saw Michie’s potential and embraced her. They loved and encouraged Michie while teaching her the skills to become a first-rate seamstress. By joining with the other women in the class, Michie also learned how to connect with the people in her struggling community. She’s making friends and becoming more productive.

To further her self-empowerment, Michie joined the Unity Savings Group of Pathway for Hope. This club teaches her to manage her finances through proper budgeting, disciplined savings and using her new sewing skills to help support her son and husband.

Today, Michie is applying everything she learned from the sewing class to make products for sale, such as handbags and cleaning rags, along with repairing garments. By her own account, Michie has gained significant skills and knowledge that are timeless. She is free to strengthen her family and help her son with his studies.

Donate buttonWould you help provide a pathway to hope for the next Michie? ER’s Pathways To Hope Matching Funds Campaign runs now through Dec. 31. Many women are on our wait lists. We need your help! Click HERE and designate your gift “Matching Funds”.

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