Impacting the World

In the Investor's Brief, we provide an overview of the impact made possible by the resources entrusted to ER. The financial resources donated allow us to meet physical needs and help us build relationships. The time, labor, funds and love provided by hundreds of supporters is  changing lives.

As you look over this report remember the statistics represent lives that are moving from hopeless to full of hope. It’s people like you who help make all this possible.

ER Investor's Brief 2018
2018 Investor's Brief

ER Impact Report 2015
2015 Impact Report

ER Christmas Infographic

ER Leadership Infographic

ER People Infographic

ER Manila Infographic

ER Quito Infographic

ER Kids Infographic

ER Impact Report 2014
2014 Impact Report

ER Impact Report 2013
2013 Impact Report

ER Impact Report 2012
2012 Impact Report