About Us

A Team of Heroes

A team of heroes is needed to help people in vulnerable communities break free from generational poverty.

Extreme Response is driven by servant-minded people who take action to defeat poverty in the communities where we serve. We do this using three program areas:

  • Education Reinforcement
  • Vocational Training
  • Leadership Development

We use a team approach to fight poverty and change the lives of oppressed people. Missionary and local staff work in our programs. Volunteers travel to our three regions to serve as short-term teams or as individuals. Donors and prayer partners generously help make all this possible.

Program Partners, like-minded organizations that provide resources (staff, land, buildings, expertise), bolster some of our programs. We also work with Community Affiliates who help navigate local culture and meet community needs using proven solutions.

ER’s Mission Has Flourished

In 1997, ER co-founders Jerry and Dawn Carnill living in Quito, Ecuador saw the need to help families living and working in the city’s garbage dump. They believed if the kids had access to the right resources, their futures would be bright. Our mission then – and now – is to change the lives of those living in extreme situations through love, nutrition, health and faith. Our programs are the bridges that allow this to happen.

ER has experienced significant growth. We became a 501(c)(3) international humanitarian organization in 2001. We subsequently placed offices and 60+ staff in Ecuador, South Africa, and the Philippines. During the last two decades, thousands of volunteers have traveled to these countries to serve.

ER is a registered not-for-profit organization in the US, Canada, Ecuador, the Philippines and South Africa. Learn more about ER’s history here and join our team of heroes.

Motivation & Values

We are motivated by life change.

We seek to break the cycles of generational poverty, abuse, and neglect. We believe that lasting life change happens in relationship with Jesus and strive to provide physical and spiritual “pathways of hope” for those living in extreme conditions. Click here to read ER’s Statement of Faith.

ER Integrity - Heart Icon

We believe in integrity. 

We aim to do the right things for the right reasons based on our Christ-centered moral and ethical convictions. We honor the trust placed in us by the families we serve, supporters, investors, program partners, service providers and staff, endeavoring to manage all of our resources transparently.

ER Relationships - Heart Icon

We believe in relationships. 

Relationships are challenging, messy, and intimate, but they are also transformative. We build bonds that grow and are strengthened by shared experiences. As Christ first loved us, so we love one another.

ER Community - Heart Icon

We believe in community.

Following in Jesus’ footsteps, we support those who need community the most. We are called to help the poor, powerless, forgotten, or vulnerable. We partner freely with volunteers, donors, other organizations, and churches to provide lasting well-being, opportunities, and accountability for marginalized people. Together, we work to bestow dignity and respect upon all people.

ER Empowerment - Heart Icon

We believe in empowerment.

We help vulnerable people achieve brighter futures by taking the time to evaluate the needs of each individual and community. By listening well and considering cultural and socio-economic attributes, we move forward together. This results in empowerment and transformation for people and communities.

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