Accreditation Boosts Kid’s Home Impact

mch-3 Since opening almost three years ago, Extreme Response Asia’s Manila Children’s Home (MCH) has provided exceptional care for neglected and abandoned boys. Late last year the MCH has achieved a new level of accreditation that will allow it to serve these vulnerable youngsters even more effectively.

MCH Executive Director John Basiwa (pictured at right) and his staff had already helped the home meet Level 1 accreditation in 2015. They recently earned Level 2 accreditation, which includes economic boosts such as a monthly electricity bill discount and cash incentives, as well as certification to train organizations in regional childcare networks.

“It will allow us to share best practices and help our network by providing training, technical assistance in the legalities and accreditation process, and encouragement to achieve accreditation of their own,” Basiwa said. “We will also receive a 40 percent discount on our electric bill every month, cash incentives of P10,000, and connections to donors referred by the government and private sector.”

Basiwa said the government accreditor had high praise for MCH, saying its Level 2 accreditation was the first she had awarded in her eight years of assessing childcare agencies.

mch-1“Not all child caring agencies here in the Philippines aspire to accreditation because of all the documentation and other requirements,” he said.

Basiwa and his wife, Gela, who serve as MCH’s program directors, continually strive for excellence at the MCH. They have attended four training programs this year alone, and accreditation means more training – with all expenses paid by the government – for the staff next year.

“Our staff was recognized for the excellent service they have rendered to the boys,” Basiwa said. “They were encouraged to continue serving and improve what they are doing. Our boys have assurance they are in good hands.”

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