Bridge Team Mobilizes in South Africa

By Nick Carnill
ER Africa Short-Term Teams

A team from Bridge Church in Miami, Florida recently served with God’s Little Lighthouse and the Dream Centre. The team’s name is an apt metaphor for its work, for they bridged the sizable gap between South Florida and South Africa by strengthening previous established relationships and building new ones.

Four members of the 12-person team had served with us a year-and-a-half ago, and some of the kids remembered them. Those kids were able to grow their relationships with team members, and by the end of the week, they had eight new friends as well.

The team led a morning club for about 100 kids at God’s Little Lighthouse. In the afternoons they helped children with homework at the Dream Centre and led a small kids club there. They also did some work projects around GLLH, including an extension to one of the classrooms, fixing up the playground, and buying and installing new TVs in each classroom. The latter are very important, because when it rains, the kids are stuck inside all day and attention spans tend to wane.

On the last day, we bought Kentucky Fried Chicken for all of the kids and teachers. This was a huge hit – the kids love KFC and it is something they don’t usually get to enjoy.

It was awesome to see this team work. During the debrief at the end of the week, it was great to hear about all of the new relationships they made with the kids and staff. They are already planing a trip for next year.

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