Help ER With Custom Cards For Your Event

facebook-post-1Have you ordered your invitations or announcement cards yet?

Hopefully not because there is now a great way for you to order beautiful custom cards at a reasonable price and at the same time help Extreme Response.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Cards For Good, a new ecommerce store that gives 50% of card sales to charitable causes. Cards For Good (CFG) offers high-quality personalized cards for $1.50 each. The company launched in early November and allows the user to upload his or her personal photos into dozens of graphically appealing templates. The templates also have a space designated for a personalized message.

The founder, Borse Josifovski, said he launched the CFG as a way to support charities that are helping people living in difficult circumstances. The company follows these principles: “We believe in “Doing Good” and “being a catalyst for change in the community.”

Extreme Response’s mission to help people living in extreme, sometimes life-threatening situations, was a great match. In addition to Extreme Response, CFG also is working with great charities like Forgotten Harvest, Flint Kids, Humble Design and more.

CFG will be expanding its offerings with new designs for upcoming seasons. You’ll definitely want to bookmark this site for all of your future personal cards.

To learn more about the company, visit the website at To see the ER landing page on the CFG site, click here.

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