Make Your Mom Smile

(April 25, 2019)

Mother’s Day is May 12. Your mom is special! So don’t wait. If you buy her a gift on AmazonSmile, ER will receive .5% of your purchase. There’s no extra cost. Click here to shop and/or sign up.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you care about people. But with life pounding us 24/7, it’s hard to know how to help.

We’ve got great news. ER participates in two programs that allow a portion of your online purchases to be donated to us through cash-back programs. These programs are simple and seamless ways you can help ER to accomplish our mission of helping people living with poverty, abuse, abandonment and a lack of opportunity. And they don’t cost anything beyond what you are already spending.

Each quarter we received a check from AmazonSmileso pull out your favorite device and start shopping!

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is an ideal way to help ER through purchases you are already making on Amazon. Amazon Smile operates the same as your regular Amazon shopping experience, including Amazon Prime. You simply go to Amazon Smile, designate Extreme Response as your charity, and start shopping.

Amazon Smile provides charities with .5% cash-back. Because of the huge volumes Amazon handles, this can still translate into hundreds of dollars (or more) coming to ER over the course of the year.

Click here to designate Extreme Response International as your Amazon Smile charity. Once you are signed up, make sure you always shop through Amazon Smile by clicking here.

Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant is a program we recently joined that allows you to shop from more than 2,800+ online retailers like Macy’s, Etsy, Gap, Old Navy, Hobby Lobby, DSW Shoes, LL Bean and Nordstrom Rack.  Their philosophy is simple. Shop online, earn cash back, and donate to any non-profit organization of your choosing.

Giving Assistant cash-back donations range from 2% to 50%, with the average being 5.2%. So this program is actually pretty generous and will add up to significant funding if we can get a lot of people to participate. Some participating charities have raised more than $100k in cash-back via Giving Assistant.

Here’s how the cash back program works.

*Browse – select from more than 2,800+ retailers that Giving Assistant works with.

*Shop –When you want to redeem a cash back offer, just click through to the retailer via the “SHOP NOW” button and complete your purchase (or do a one time install of Giving Assistant’s browser extension on Chrome or Safari and shop as you normally would without having to start on the Giving Assistant website). They will automatically notify you to activate your cash-back every time you visit an online retailer they work with.

*Get paid – The Giving Assistant system tracks your visit and once the retailer has confirmed a sale, we put the cash back in your Giving Assistant account.

Click here to sign up for Giving Assistant. Make sure to designate ER as your charity.


Gone Green: ER Shifts to Paperless Receipts

(Jan. 1, 2019)

Starting in January, Extreme Response has shifted to electronic receipts. This is great news on multiple fronts.

First, we’ll save at least $10,000 in costs of paper, printing, stuffing and mailing.

Second, this shift frees up valuable staff time to pour into high-value projects.

Third, this shift is possible because of a new $60,000 software package that was donated free to ER.

We need your help to realize these benefits. Please click here and sign up for electronic receipts today^ If you have questions or need assistance, contact Sara at

The privacy of your data of the utmost importance to Extreme Response.
*We collect only data needed for communications, global travel (with ER) and tax receipting.
*We NEVER sell or share your data.
*We NEVER collect cookies from our Website.
*We maintain our lists regularly and make requested updates promptly.

Your support is the backbone of our organization. Without you, Extreme Response would not exist.

^For donors who are unable to receive emails, we will continue to send paper receipts.