IT Tender Preps 220 Kids For School

We love it when ER partners stretch funds to meet more needs than expected. IT Tender (ITT), which serves the families living in squatter communities and settlements in metro Manila, negotiated hard to turn school funds designed to meet the needs of 164 kids into 220 kids!

ITT’s John Coffey shares this:

Words aren’t enough to express how grateful the children, families and communities are for the new school supplies provided through ER and your incredible efforts! Because we had so many children who need school supplies and they come from three different slum communities, we gave out the supplies over several days from June 9-13.

We know you sent funds for us to provide school supplies for 164 students (per our request). However, our Filipino team did an incredible job haggling at the big market (called “divisoria”, the largest public market in the Philippines). We bought great quality items in bulk and we were actually able to purchase comprehensive school supplies for 220 students.

Another thing we appreciate about IT Tender is its excellent documentation. Here’s how the school supplies were distributed:

Group A (70 students)
70 of the students are very regular attendees of our programs and we are intentionally mentoring and tutoring those 70 students at our center. These students were each given a set amount of funds and they went “school supply shopping” with their parent or guardian in which they were able to pick out the specific school supplies that they needed for this year.

Some kids purchased new uniforms, school shoes, backpacks or other school supplies. It was very empowering for them to select the items they want/need (e.g., a student may want their favorite “Hello Kitty” backpack, or if they may decide they have enough notebooks this year but need more pens, etc). They then returned to our center after shopping to submit the receipts and to proudly show off their new items.

Group B (150 students)
The other 150 students are part of our programs but attend occasionally. These kids come to our center to use our free library and computers/Internet/printing to do their school assignments and attend major events only. For these students, our staff purchased their school supplies in bulk and put together a comprehensive kit that includes the following:
1 large plastic carrying case
2 envelopes with plastic covers
2 folders with plastic covers
2 manila papers
1 packet of colored paper
1 intermediate pad
10 notebooks
1 pair of scissors
1 box of crayons
1 roll of correction tape
1 small bottle of glue
1 ruler
1 pencil sharpener
1 marker
1 eraser
1 pencil
3 ballpens
1 pair of “foot mop” (i.e., covers to put over their school shoes on rainy days)
1 hygiene kit with soap, hand sanitizer, and powder
1 meal with fried chicken, a burger & juice

As you can see, the list of school supplies has a few variations from what North American kids need, although much is the same. Children around the world deserve an opportunity to attend school, use the same educational tools as other students, and compete at the same level as their peers. Our plan is to see these kids will graduate, live sustainable  and fulfilling lives, and contribute greatly to their communities and society.

But we need more help.  We’re raising funds to provide 1,000 kids with school supplies this year and we still have a ways to go. Through June 2018, we’ve raised enough funds to provide for 427 children! Would you help us provide for the rest of the kids?

$33 allows us to purchase the packs and supplies and transport them to the field. $99 will give three kids the chance to stay in school, $990 will provide for 30 kids. Any amount will help.

If you can help, click here to donate. Or, send your check to ER School Packs, P.O. Box 345, Snellville, GA 30078-0345. ER will provide a receipt for your donation.

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