Sewing Sally Shares Her Infectious Joy

By Anne Benevidez, ER Asia

Sally is one of the second batch of trainees of the Golden Hands Basic Sewing Class. She is among the faithful volunteer workers of Batang Matinik, one of ER Asia’s partner in the Philippines. The Golden Hands Livelihood Educational Program is run by ER Asia in a effort to help women who are living in extreme circumstances become self-sustainable.

Among the seven women participating in the training, Sally, shown above, is the funniest. She always shares stories that make the rest of the ladies laugh and giggle. She has that spirit of joy that is really infectious. Once she makes jokes and tell her stories, you can’t help but really laugh with tears! That is how she makes the boutique ladies infected by her joy.

But before she joined the Golden Hands group, Sally said her life circle was limited to around her home. She thought she could no longer do anything worthwhile. But when she joined the training, her perception about herself changed.

Sally learned first of all to bond with other women, even though they are not blood relatives. She learned to relate to them just like her own siblings. She said that every time she comes to the training – even with some problems at home – the fellowship and joy she give and receives from the group allows her to find peace and comfort. And when when she returns home the weight of her domestic problems is gone!

Sally also said that with the skills she is learning, she will no longer have to pay a seamstress to sew and repair her kids’ uniforms. She is happy that now she can do it by herself.

Sally said she is grateful for is that the sewing classes are free. From the fabrics to the sewing materials to the sewing machines, everything is free for the women taking the course. After her training is complete, Sally said she wants to freely share her skills and pass them on to other women in her community.

Graduates receive a sewing machine if they complete the entire sewing course.

Sally also is grateful that her time coming to the training was not a waste of time. Even though she leaves home for eight hours every week, it was beneficial to her because she always arrives home with new knowledge and skills. Because of what she had learned, Sally is now confident she can accomplish something worthwhile for herself, her family and her community.

The Golden Hands program is designed to lift women out of poverty by providing livelihood skills, coaching and a supportive group environment. The program relies on generosity of ER supporters in order to provide the classes, materials and sewing machines. If you are interested in donating to this life-changing program, click here.