Do Something Awesome with Your Refund

(April 15, 2019)

Getting a tax refund this year? If so, congratulations!  Are you planning to invest your refund? If so, consider investing some of it people. We have some big-impact ideas, whether your refund is $33 or $3,300.

*Provide a school pack/supplies/uniforms for vulnerable children. ER and our partners have identified 1,000 kids from high-poverty families who need help to stay in school. $33 covers the cost of purchasing supplies for one child and getting them to the field. (We already raised enough to cover 400 kids!)

*Provide livelihood training for women in the Philippines through ER’s Golden Hands Livelihood program. $320 helps cover the cost of a woman’s 32-week training course and a sewing machine upon graduation. (18 people signed up last month to support Golden Hands monthly!)

*Provide a one-year scholarship for a Dream Centre kid ER’s After-School program. $240 helps cover a child’s supplies, nutritious snacks and reading materials for the year.

*Provide Christmas Celebrations for children living in extreme conditions. ER and our partners co-host Christmas Outreaches in four countries. $20 covers the cost for one child to participate in our Christmas parties and receive food, gifts, crafts, games and more. Or, use your refund to send yourself on one of our Christmas outreach teams.

*Help rescue and restore women from human trafficking. ER works with partners serving on the front lines in three countries fighting this life-restoring battle. We’ve created the Empowerment Fund to raise $100,000 to sponsor a border station in Nepal to rescue trafficked girls and provide restoration programs in three countries.

Giving is easy. Click here to access our donate page. Your gift is tax-deductible and ER will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes. You also can give via your phone in the U.S. Text to 678-263-2135 and enter the word “donate”.