Teamwork: ER, God’s Little Lighthouse Provide Meals for Kids

Have you ever wondered why some kids from high-poverty communities thrive while others don’t? We believe one crucial factor is nutrition, especially among young children whose bodies desperately need healthy food to develop.

While we’ve been feeding kids since 1997, we’re now working harder than ever to provide each child in our programs with one highly nutritious meal per day. One place we’re doing that is in our South Africa Dream Centre educational reinforcement program and we’re seeing great results.

Before many of these kids participate in the Dream Centre, they first attend pre-school at God’s Little Lighthouse (GLL), which is located on the same property. GLL is affiliated with ER partner ATAIM. Pam Keightely runs GLL and recognizes the importance of good nutrition in getting these kids on the right path. Pam recently shared this update:

Last Wednesday the district nurse and her staff visited the school to check on the overall health of the children. Her compliments were beyond amazing. With the price of food increasing dramatically in the last six months, words cannot express how grateful I am for the money donated every month for the purchase of food for the children.

Through their generosity, we are able to provide healthy, nutritious meals. For most of the children, this is the only meal they receive every day. We feed 130 children five days a week. We are blessed to have a really good cook.

A few of our kids are HIV+, so the report on their recent checkup was really encouraging. All the children are doing well. Because they eat healthy food, their medications work in a very positive way. They have all put on weight and we are so encouraged.

At present, we are assessing the children for their mid-year reports. Their concentration and behavior have improved dramatically. I know this is because they are enjoying healthy meals. They are less frustrated and their self-confidence and schoolwork have improved.

Thank you for giving these little ones a real chance to live healthy lives and have futures filled with possibilities.

We need your help supporting our Nutrition For Vulnerable Kids campaign. We’re trying to raise $55,000 this year to meet the basic nutritional needs of “our” kids. This can be done, on average, for just $1.90 per hot, nutritious meal, which means:

$19 will provide 10 hot meals

$190 will provide 100 hot meals

$1900 will provide 1,000 hot meals

$19,000 will provide 10,000 hot meals

Would you help provide nutrition for these kids? If you received our Nutrition mailer, use the response card and envelope.

Or click here to donate online and designate your gift “ER Nutrition”. ER will supply receipts for all donations.

Thank you for helping change the lives of vulnerable kids!

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