Rags Over RichesER’s Golden Hands Livelihood program experiencing something amazing. Six women enrolled in its sewing course are seeing their lives transition from hardship to joy, peace and answered prayers after trusting God with their lives and livelihood. For Connie, it happened when she chose rags over riches.

Connie exemplifies this incredible impact. She is 50 years old, has eight kids, is separated from her husband and lives in a house on stilts in an impoverished community prone to flooding. Connie supports her family by working as a caregiver, nanny and a housekeeper. The work left her so exhausted she developed pneumonia and asthma. Connie keeps working despite the backbreaking load.

Rags Over RichesGolden Hands Meets A Need

Fortunately, Connie heard about Golden Hands’ eight-month sewing course and saw the possibility of working from home. Then a crisis arose during her training. Her son was hospitalized and had to fight for his life.

At the same time, the agency employing Connie required her to choose housekeeping or Golden Hands. Connie chose Golden Hands, but cried all night.

Connie shared her situation through tears. The Golden Hands team prayed for Connie and her son. They gave her fabric and lent her a sewing machine to make cleaning rags to sell. Soon, her son was released from the hospital after healing.

Connie explained why she chose livelihood training. “I only have one life. In my housekeeping job I was losing my health and time with my kids. I will not exchange my life and health for a good salary.”

Rags Over Riches

Today, Connie is completing her training, making cleaning rags and bags out of old shirts, and plans to make children’s shorts to sell. She’s starting to make money and is happier, healthier and at peace. She is on a pathway to hope!

Please consider providing a pathway to hope for the next Connie. Many women are on our wait lists. We need your help! Click here and designate your gift “Golden Hands”.

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