Coronavirus FAQ: ER Staff, Programs and You

At ER headquarters in Snellville, GA, we are monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the regions where our staff are located. While staff safety is our utmost priority, we also are working to show compassion for the women and children in our programs. As Christians, we believe now is the time to love our neighbors near and far.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ER’s Coronavirus Response

What actions has ER taken regarding its programs in light of COVID-19?

ER has temporarily closed all programs that involve the gathering of people. This includes our Dream Centers (after-school programs) in Ecuador and South Africa, Women’s and Men’s programs in Ecuador, and the Golden Hands Livelihood and Pathways To Hope programs in the Philippines.

What is ER Doing For the Manila Children’s Home?

We continue to provide all services for the 10 boys who live in the home, including feeding, healthcare, mentoring and more. We are navigating their schooling on a day-to-day basis. While it is not possible to practice social distancing inside the home, we are limiting the boys’ exposure outside the home. The MCH staff have chosen to remain on lockdown at the home with the boys for the duration of the crisis.

What guidance has ER given to its global staff?

ER has encouraged staff to take the Coronavirus seriously, avoid unnecessary risks and seek treatment if they develop demonstrable symptoms. We have required staff to work from home temporarily (until further notice) and follow all government mandates for quarantines, local travel and civic responsibility.

Will overseas staff be called home?

At this time, we are not requesting missionaries return home as this might expose them to greater risk. In addition, some international travel is banned and flights are canceled.

Is ER still sending new staff, volunteers and short-term teams overseas?

All international travel is paused until we get a green light from the U.S. and governments in the countries where we serve. All short-term teams scheduled for later this year remain scheduled. We will contact team leaders directly if a short-term team has to be postponed.

What are you doing to help the people enrolled in ER programs?

Each of our three regions has developed a plan to provide nutrition and assistance to the children and families impacted by the temporary closures of our programs. We are designing ways to provide this support that will not put our staff at risk. In addition, we are getting books into the households of kids who attend our Dream Centers and challenging them (with prizes!) to read during the quarantine.

What financial implications does the COVID-19 pandemic have on ER?

ER continues to meet all of our obligations to pay for facilities, utilities, employees and related fees to operate in the U.S. and overseas. Similarly, the financial needs of our supported staff are unchanged. Unfortunately, there are few ways to cut costs. We realize many ER donors have been impacted by the economic downturn caused by the pandemic and we are tracking our financial status weekly. We humbly ask for your continued faithful support during this time.

When will ER resume its programs and ministry expansion?

ASAP! While that is our desire, we simply must lead with a mix of courage, patience and discernment.

What can I do to help?

There are several ways you can help. First, pray for everyone involved, including staff, volunteers, partners and the vulnerable people we serve. Second, read and share ER social media posts, eNewsletters and emails containing the latest updates. Third, take a moment to encourage an ER staff member. The isolation of self-quarantine is especially hard for our team. We would rather be out helping our communities! Fourth, help meet needs by donating to ER staff members or to ER’s “Emergency Nutrition” relief work.

In scripture, Christ followers often found themselves in the midst of uncertainty, trial and danger. We pray the Lord will allow us to step out in faith to serve others with wisdom and boldness in a way that inspires people to seek Him personally.

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