COVID-19 ResponseAs our team in Quito continues to feed vulnerable families as part of our COVID-19 response, we’re finding new and exciting ways to reach out to the families in the Quito Dump recycling community. ER’s Teresa Jimenez has been testing Zoom to do workshops and Bible studies with the women in the community.

Despite a lot of technology hurdles, it’s working.

The community has few technology resources, so we’ve helped provide Internet minutes for their mobile phones and old computers. The women are engaging. Recent cooking workshops and Bible studies had good attendance.

We’re excited to see how technologies like Zoom, What’sApp and other platforms will allow ER to serve at-risk families in the face of ongoing turbulence from the coronavirus, social unrest and severe unemployment.

We’ll soon be announcing a new campaign to create safe-zone computer labs for kids and their families to gain access to more and better technology. The future of our ministry in Quito and our other regions definitely will have a new look.


COVID-19 Response: Emergency Food for 90 More People

This week our Quito staff provided food, love and encouragement for 90 families. Many of the families are connected to the Quito Dump program, including the children who attend the Quito Dream Center. These kids depend on the nutritious meals and snacks they receive during the after-school program to remain healthy and sharp mentally for their schoolwork.

COVID-19 ResponseCOVID-19 ResponseCurrently, we are seeking ways to reach out  to the kids and women of our programs using technology for school and livelihood training. For example, ER’s Teresa Jimenez was able to conduct a workshop/Bible study online and 38 women attended!

If you would like to help provide emergency food, supplies or much needed technology equipment for these vulnerable families, click here to donate. Select  “COVID-19 Feeding & Response”. Thank you!


Muchas Grasias From Ecuador

We recently received this letter from Ecuador’s Ambassador to the U.S. in response to our Emergency Food distribution program. We feel privileged to represent you as an ER supporter in Ecuador, as well as in South Africa, the Philippines and several other countries around the world.

Thank you for making this possible. To God be the glory!

COVID-19 Response


Ninth Round of Emergency Food Distributed (May 19 Update)

COVID-19 ResponseThis week our tireless ER staff members were able to distribute food to 88 families, helping to feed about 500 family members.  This includes 28 families involved with our Quito Dream Center program, 35 families involved with our Life Skills and Livelihood program and 25 families that are part of the Quito Dump recycling community.

Be in prayer for our staff members who are facing mounting stress, fatigue and cabin fever as they deal with the extended quarantine, not only in Ecuador, but also in South Africa and the Philippines. We’re planning to continue weekly emergency food distributions into June as these families remain unable to work or buy food for their families. This is demonstrated by the number of people lined up outside ER’s Quito Family Resource Center to receive food packets this week (see photo right).


Eighth Round of Emergency Food Distributed (May 14 Update)

COVID-19 ResponseThe extend lockdown continues to cause real hardship for the families of the Quito Dump Community. They are unable to recycle to earn income and are unable to buy food for their families.

So far, through week 8, ER has nearly 600 families with emergency food, helping 2,500+ individuals to eat.


Fifth Round of Emergency Food Distributed (April 24 update)

  • Our collective food distributions in greater Quito have helped 246 families, feeding 1,300 people.
  • This includes 25 families enrolled in our Life Skills/Livelihood Training who have received 3 food distributions.
  • This also includes 5 rounds of emergency food received by Quito Dream Center kids’ families, feeding 182 people.

Good News on Good Friday (April 10 update)

Emergency Food

Our staff made a second round of food distribution, not only to Quito Dump recycling families and Dream Center kids, but also to street people served by ER partner Pan de Vida. What an encouragement! Thank you Pete Emery for sharing this and to all who are helping.

Emergency Food for Quito Dream Center Kids (March 31 update)

Emergency FoodIt took a special waiver from the Ecuadorian government, but our ER team in Quito was able to deliver emergency food staples to a majority of kids enrolled in our Dream Center after-school program. Most of these children come from homes where a parent recycles from the Dump to earn a small income. Under the government quarantine, the parents are unable to go to work, producing a nightmare situation.

ER’s Robyn Wallace shares: “Daily money equals daily food. The people we serve are without both during this quarantine. We dropped off food bags to 29 families…door-to-door delivery thanks to our government pass. Thank you to our awesome team who drove five hours to feed the kids. They are worth it!”

Brian Wallace, ER’s America’s region director, explained the challenge the children face: “For most of the kids at the Dream Center, our hot lunch is their main meal for the day. By closing for the quarantine, the kids will experience daily hunger and struggle to remain healthy and growing.”

Emergency FoodEmergency Food Shared with ER Partner

Separately, ER’s Pete Emery was able to procure emergency food in the form of eggs and veggies donated by Rusty’s Hamburgers and share them with our long-time partner Pan de Vida to help feed street people in Quito, Ecuador. The government lockdown has required Pan de Vida to be more creative to feed these highly vulnerable families who rely on Pan de Vida’s nourishing meals.

Special thanks to our entire staff in Quito, Pan de Vida and all of our donors. You are the best!

It’s becoming clear the impact of the pandemic in Ecuador will last for several more weeks and probably months. ER plans to continue to help vulnerable families with food and emergency supplies.

If you would like to help, click here to donate. Select “COVID-19 Feeding & Response”. Thank you!

Read more about ER’s emergency response.

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