Teacher, Teacher: Dream Center Student Helps Others

Mutsa*, age 8, is a grade 3 student who has been enrolled in the Fish Hoek Dream Center for two years. She is full of joy and laughter. She is easily excited and sees the best in every situation. She dreams of being a teacher and often helps the kids who are struggling with homework.

Mutsa is the youngest member of her family. Her father works at a local coffee shop and her mother is a domestic worker and waitress. She is a strong student, loves learning and takes great pride in doing things with excellence. Mutsa worked incredibly hard during 2022 to receive good grades. 

Always ready to help, Mutsa’s heart is full of love and compassion for those around her. She dreams of being a teacher. She loves to play “Teacher Teacher” with the younger students. She helps the kids who are struggling with homework. Mutsa has the impressive ability to come alongside her peers and offer genuine help without making the students feel insignificant or insecure.

Mutsa’s faith is growing as well. During devotions, she learned how God spoke to Joseph about his future through dreams. The next afternoon, Mutsa told her teacher she had prayed for God to give her a dream. When asked to describe her dream, she responded, “A friend and I were walking through a forest. We found a house with lots of children. But it was so sad because they didn’t have mommies or daddies. So, we took care of them.” 

Mutsa’s compassion shines bright even in her dreams. We can’t wait to see what her future holds.

*Named changed for privacy.

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