Once Angry and Unfocused, Thabo Now Boldly Shares His Faith

Dream CenterThabo’s story demonstrates the incredible value of patiently investing in the futures of at-risk kids.

By Amy Townsend, Fish Hoek Dream Center Co-Director

Thabo* began attending the Fish Hoek Dream Center in 2016 as a Grade 1 learner. He started when the Dream Center was just our kitchen table.

In the early years, Thabo wasn’t interested in devotions and struggled to sit still and listen. He lacked focus and would get into trouble at the Dream Center and at school.

Thabo’s family has endured incredible difficulties. His mother would share family issues that caused Thabo to act out. At one point, his teachers were concerned about depression and feared some very negative behaviors.

Through many one-on-one conversations, Thabo began to see his identity in Christ and not in the stressful events he was enduring. Thabo asked Ron (Co-Director) how to become a Christian. More study and conversation led Thabo to accept Christ as his Savior. Thabo was baptized at Fish Hoek Beach on Nov. 13, 2020.

Thabo Overcomes Setbacks Through Dream Center Tutors

The last three years have not been easy for Thabo. He continued to struggle with depression and anger. Last year, he initially did not get into the high school of his choice. His grades did not meet expectations.

He worked hard with tutors at the Dream Center and improved his grades considerably. On the last day of school in 2022, he was accepted into his high school of choice!

Thabo has transitioned into high school well. He still comes to the Dream Center daily. One day Thabo walked in with a huge smile. When asked why he was so happy, he laughed and said, “I kinda got into trouble today.”

When we questioned what happened, he said he asked to read a passage from his Bible in one of his classes. His teacher would not allow it and scolded him for having his Bible out. The Bible was given to him by generous donors at our Grade 7 commissioning service and has his name engraved on it. He carries it with great pride.

After being scolded, he put the Bible in his backpack. During the next break, he got it out again and began reading the passage and explaining the meaning to his friends. Our scared, depressed little boy who had been struggling with day-to-day life was boldly sharing the gospel with his friends.

We can’t wait to see what God does next in Thabo’s life!

*Name changed

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