Dream With Us…

Together We Dream…

What is your dream for improving our world? We’ve been thinking about this all year! Watch the video and be inspired.

Dream with us as we fight to improve our world. Here are three dreams shared by our staff. Which one resonates with you?

“My dream is no child goes hungry and all have access to education.” –  Ron (South Africa).

“My dream is every person can provide for their family.” – Pen (Philippines).

“My dream is all at-risk youth grow up to be leaders in their homes and communities.” – Zac (Ecuador).

The problem is that globally 258 million children are out of school and nearly 10% of adults are fighting to live on less than $2/day.

With your help, we are pursuing solutions through Education Reinforcement, Skills Training, and Leadership Development. Working together, these dreams can become reality in the communities we serve.

Two Success Stories You’ll Love

Take the impoverished community of Taytay in Metro Manila. We’ve seen dramatic change take place in the lives of people like Maricel through the savings cooperative and tailoring vocation program.

Maricel is a hardworking mother who dreamed of finishing school. Her life circumstances never allowed for that. However, in 2020, Maricel completed the Dressmaking Training and became nationally certified. Today, Maricel serves as a Dressmaking Trainer with ER and holds a leadership role in the savings cooperative. Her journey is a testament to how one person’s determination and your help make dreams become reality.

We are also seeing young professionals dream of making an impact on the world. Dianna’s story highlights this.

Dianna Hernandez, is a 23-year-old certified teacher working with our iBIKE mobile education program in Makati City. For Diana, teaching is not a profession, it’s a passion.

“My heart is filled with joy and peace every time I see these street children. Their eyes radiate joy and their smiles hold incomparable hope. I was once like them, full of big dreams, always telling myself that someday, I would become a teacher.”

Because you donated, Maricel’s and Dianna’s dreams came true.

Will you donate today and make more dreams a reality?

You can use the QR code to give now, or visit our donate page at

Matching Funds

There’s one more thing and it’s important. Generous donors will match your special year-end gifts for the Together We Dream fundraiser dollar for dollar. If you give $100, ER will receive another $100. If you give $1000, ER will receive another $1000. This match is huge!

Thank you for your prayers and participation! Let’s keep dreaming together!

Brad McKenna,  ER President and CEO

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

P.S. Please note that Nov. 28 #GivingTuesday – a global giving movement. Join us as we celebrate generosity around the world!

MAKE AN IMPACT TODAY! Every gift to ER affirms our mission and is fully tax-deductible. To give, please visit our Donate page or mail your gift to ER at P.O. Box 345, Snellville, GA 30078-0345. Donations to this appeal are applied where needed most, unless the donee designates otherwise.



January 2023 Update: Your generous support of our year-end Power of Relationships appeal allowed ER to qualify for 100% of the $125,000 in matching funds pledged by donors. The ER Fund has been bolstered as we begin 2023. Let’s pray for big things to happen!

Reflect with us on 2022 as we celebrate the many blessings God has given us. We are energized by our community of everyday heroes who help us provide pathways of hope to vulnerable communities. With the generous support of our faithful donors like you, we served more than 8,000 children, women, and community leaders through our global programs rooted in Education Reinforcement, Life Skills and Livelihood Training, and Leadership Development.

Here at ER, we believe that true life change happens in relationships. I’d like to introduce you to Annalie*, a child who attends our Fish Hoek Dream Center and is overcoming adversity while growing in her faith and pursuing big dreams.

Annalie*, left, and her sister Zonja* attend the Fish Hoek Dream Center.

Annalie experienced significant hardship at home and became increasingly withdrawn throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. However, through a close mentor relationship with Joanna, a volunteer at our Dream Center, Annalie transformed into a personable, confident, and motivated student. In fact, she recently excelled in an online high school placement exam. This is the first high school acceptance we have had at the Fish Hoek Dream Center!

While many local kids in this under resourced community drop out before high school, Annalie is on track to complete her education and pursue a meaningful career in teaching, which is a passion she discovered at our Dream Center. I encourage you to learn more about Annalie’s powerful story here.

Your philanthropic support made this life change possible for Annalie. To ensure we can achieve a greater Kingdom and community impact than ever before, I am reaching out today to ask you to renew or increase your gift to ER this year.
As you prayerfully consider making a contribution before year-end, please know that doing so is an investment in the lives of the families and communities we serve. I am thrilled to share that a generous donor, inspired by the life change that has taken place this year through ER’s ministry, has stepped forward to match all gifts up to $125,000. This means that the first $125,000 we raise will be doubled!
Whatever you give, another donor has agreed to give that amount as well, doubling your impact!

We are advancing a strategic vision to deepen our commitment to the communities we serve, but we cannot do this without an elevated level of support. Please join us as we continue to foster relationships with those in need. You play a vital role in ER’s ministry, and I am counting on your faithful support. Together, we will empower people living in challenging circumstances to disrupt the cycle of generational poverty.

Thank you for your partnership.


Brad McKenna, President & CEO

*Names changed for privacy.

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