Partner Network

ER Partners around the World

We invest in human futures through ER partners in three regions:

  • Africa
  • The Americas (North & South America, plus the Caribbean)
  • Asia

To effectively reach people living in these regions, we have established international headquarters in Snellville (Atlanta), Georgia, a Canadian office in Simcoe, Ontario, and regional offices in Quito, Ecuador, Manila, Philippines, and Cape Town, South Africa.

Much of our outreach takes place with and through local national partners. Working in partnership with community-based organizations allows us to increase our effectiveness, as well as theirs. They understand the local culture, customs and needs. Because they live and work in these communities, their neighbors trust them and build relationships.

ER helps these partners achieve maximum impact by connecting volunteers, providing leadership training and building a global network of support.

  • African Hope Trust
  • Ignite South Africa
  • Jabulani Africa
  • Kindle Orphan Outreach
  • Living Hope Community Center
  • Monte Christo Miqlat
  • Seeds of Hope Mozambique
  • Buen Pastor
  • Casa de Dios
  • Dunamis
  • Emmanuel Christian School
  • Esperanza de Ana
  • Fundación Rescate
  • House of Hope
  • Lemuel
  • Nuevos Amigos (Rey Sabio Salomón)
  • Pan de Vida
  • Path Project
  • Remanso de Amor
  • Rescued To Tell International Ministry
  • Arms of Love Children's Home
  • Batang Matinik
  • Extreme Joy
  • IT Tender Ministry
  • KI Nepal
  • Pokhara Child Care Center
  • Seed of Love
  • Support a Child
  • Xulon Project
  • Youth Mobilization
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