ATAIM Increases Impact with Guest Housing

If you’ve been waiting to join a volunteer team serving with ER partner ATAIM in Beaufort West, South Africa, we have great news. ATAIM recently received and remodeled a sea container, making more room for you and your team.

In his most recent newsletter, ATAIM’s Pierre Roux shared his appreciation for the help and support he’s received as he continues to recover from his latest foot surgery.

A volunteer team of from Connections Church in South Africa helped do much of the remodeling work. ER’s Nick Carnill acted as project manager for the remodeling. The team paneled the guest house, installed solar lighting and did kitchen projects.

“With the kitchen moving out of the bunkhouse, we now have beds for 14 people,” Pierre said. “Our goal is to have the farm ready for day camps in 2021. We still have a lot to do to meet the requirements of the Department of Education. We need a sick bay, an office, showers, a dining room and a classroom. The barn will serve as the class room but the rest needs to be bought or built.

“A huge thank you must go out to Extreme Response International, ER Canada, ER South Africa and so many generous donors for the continued financial support allowing us to operate feeding programs. We have been able to meet all the feeding needs every month and the pastors have commented how their Sunday schools have grown and how they are having success reaching out to families. The pastors and their wives work tirelessly under some harsh conditions to distribute the food and minister to the children.”

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