Extreme Response Leadership


Brad McKenna, President & CEO
Jerry Carnill, Founder/Chief Engagement Officer
Dawn Carnill, Co-Founder/Special Events Director
Russ Cline, Co-Founder/Director of Leadership Development
Ron Gilbert, CFO
Doug Darr, COO
Ruth Harris, HR/Mobilization Director
Tim Fausch, Communications/Security Director
Joshua Benavidez, Asia Director
Brice Wilson, Africa Director

Board Members

Jon Beckman (Chairman) 
President and CEO of GE Foodland, Inc., Dallas, TX
Jim Hastings (Vice Chairman)
President, Vital Home Security and Automation, Inc., Glendora, CA
Don Clapham (Treasurer)
Former President, Proto Cast, Inkster, MI
Linda Cripps
Former Dealer Principal, Aitken Chevrolet/Buick/GMC, Simcoe, Ont., Canada; Director, ER Canada, Simcoe, Canada
Eric B. Jacobs
Senior Vice President, Global Brand Leader, Marriott Select Brands
Brad McKenna
President & CEO, Extreme Response International
Jerry Carnill
Founder/Chief Engagement Officer, Extreme Response International
Russ Cline
Co-Founder/Director of Leadership Development, Extreme Response International
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