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Short-Term Teams

Together, we can empower communities on their paths to success

When you join a short-term volunteer team you make a difference in the life of a child…family…or community. Volunteers of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds are essential to our mission.

Teams typically include 8-25 volunteers from the same affiliate and focus on skills training, construction, housing, healthcare, nutrition, child activities and education. As a volunteer, you are encouraged to develop relationships with the people you meet.

With your team’s help, we are able to better serve, teach and care for struggling people. With your help we can change countless lives around the world — and yours may be one of them.


You will work closely with our team coordinators to design a volunteer experience that will meet your goals while helping people.


As part of a short-term team, you and your colleagues can expect to experience personal growth, team unity, friendships and cross-cultural understanding.

Low Stress

Our staff minimize the stress, risk and time demands for your trip. We speak the language, know the culture and manage lodging, meals and transportation.


By working with ER and our national partners, you experience genuine interaction with the local citizens, resulting in an authentic cultural experience.

Track Record

With 20+ years as a registered not-for-profit organization, ER has successfully led hundreds of short-term team projects. Here are a few examples of projects your team can support:

Christmas Outreaches: To Ecuador, South Africa and the Philippines.

Healthcare: Health screenings, dental work and physical therapy.

Vocational Skills & Business Training: Employment skills and self-care.

Construction and Maintenance: Building block homes and repairing buildings.

Sports Camps: Operating/sponsoring camps for children.

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    Areas of interest:
    EcuadorPhilippinesSouth Africa
    Type of project:
    light construction (painting, carpentry, landscaping)medium construction (laying block, pouring concrete)kids programs (kids clubs, crafts, recreation)adult programs (life skills, nutrition, healthcare)other

    Email our Mobilization staff to learn about current opportunities:

    Don’t Take our Word for It...Here's What Our Volunteers Are Saying


    Every year about 200 volunteers help ER and our partner organizations by serving throughout the world. Here are a few testimonials from those who have served.

    My time as a short-term volunteer in South Africa with Extreme Response was life changing. I was able to be immersed in serving others in a very unique way, build relationships with amazing people and experience tremendous personal growth.
    Mary Veltman

    Clarksville, Michigan

    Serving with Extreme Response was a great experience. Helping the kids at the Dream Centre, I was able to learn so much about the children, the culture and myself. It was awesome to be part of such an important movement!

    Charli Carnill

    Rochester, Michigan

    Volunteering with Extreme Response filled a hole in my heart that I didn't know was there.
    Donnalee Miller

    Shamong, New Jersey

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