Starting in January, Extreme Response has shifted to electronic receipts. This is great news on multiple fronts.

First, we’ll save at least $10,000 in costs of paper, printing, stuffing and mailing.

Second, this shift frees up valuable staff time to pour into high-value projects.

Third, this shift is possible because of a new $60,000 software package that was donated free to ER.

We need your help to realize these benefits. Please click here and sign up for electronic receipts today^ If you have questions or need assistance, contact Sara at

The privacy of your data of the utmost importance to Extreme Response.
*We collect only data needed for communications, global travel (with ER) and tax receipting.
*We NEVER sell or share your data.
*We maintain our lists regularly and make requested updates promptly.

Your support is the backbone of our organization. Without you, Extreme Response would not exist.

^For donors who are unable to receive emails, we will continue to send paper receipts.

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