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ER operates staff-led programs that are changing the lives of people in extreme situations around the world.


Location: Ecuador, Philippines, South Africa

Each year ER celebrates Christmas with thousands of people living in extreme situations. These celebrations bring hope to the hopeless, build trust and cultivate relationships that we and our volunteers have developed with those who have been forgotten by society. Christmas Outreach Teams help us put on these celebrations.

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Location: Manila, Philippines

ER’s desire to help women led to the formation of the Golden Hands Sewing group, which evolved into the Golden Hands Livelihood Educational Program one year later. We changed the name because the program was accomplishing far more than teaching sewing skills.

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Location: Global

Leader Mundial brings together leaders from around the world – including many from our partner organizations – to receive training, resources, mentoring and peer support. Through global summits and regional gatherings, these leaders become part of a community in which they can learn, share and ultimately become more effective in leading their respective organizations’ vision, objectives and impact.

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Location: Manila, Philippines

The Manila Children’s Home opened on January 13, 2014. Its mission is to care for at-risk young boys who have been neglected or abandoned. It takes a lot of staff to meet many needs – house parents, a cook, teachers, a social worker and supervisors – so we can provide an environment for the boys to feel safe, loved and learn practical life skills.

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Location: Manila, Philippines

In 2018, ER launched a new community development program that focuses on helping women and families extricate themselves from economic hardship, low education and a lack of opportunity. The program is called Pathway For Hope and seeks to provide a community in Manila, Philippines, with “holistic opportunities for people’s empowerment”.

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Location: Quito, Ecuador

The Quito Dump is where Extreme Response began. It is now a transfer station where garbage is trucked in, dumped in a roofed area, sorted through and then reloaded into trucks to be taken to a location outside the city. We operate operate the Quito Family Resource Center where we run the After-School Program and Women’s Program. We also operate a men’s skills development program in the Quito Dump. Most recently, we’ve added entrepreneurial training.

Learn more about the Quito Dump program >


Location: South Africa

In developing countries, the cost of an education is out of reach for families struggling with poverty. These expenses are small by North American standards, often consisting of the cost of uniforms, books and school supplies. In response, we accept scholarship funds from donors who want to invest in the future of these children and help them stay in school.

Learn more about the South Africa Scholarship Fund >

We believe lives are changed through relationships. Join us in the Extreme Response Social Community by engaging with us through our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

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