Pathway For Hope

Pathway For Hope Builds Up Manila Community, Families

ER is pleased to announce the launch of a new community development program that will focus on helping women and families extricate themselves from economic hardship, low education and a lack of opportunity.

The program is called Pathway For Hope and seeks to provide a community in Manila, Philippines, with "holistic opportunities for people's empowerment".

Pathway For Hope is launching with support of a church in California, which is working with ER in order to have a longer-term, deeper impact for a community identified as a good candidate for the program. The church plans to send short-term volunteers to work in the program for the next several years. Currently, ER staff members and volunteers are working on the ground to study the community's culture and shared interests, assess needs and identify dreams and strategies to help move them forward.

Goals for the program include growth and expansion, positive change and transformed lives. Among the sites being assessed includes a flood-prone is a former dump site with substandard housing. Once the assessment is completed, a strategic plan will be finalized this spring with the goal of providing services this summer.

One concept under consideration is to launch a resource center to provide skills training, workshops, seminars, focus groups and credit-based education.

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