Educational Access

Educational Access Opens Doors to Escape Generational Poverty

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglas

From the beginning, education has been instrumental in ER's strategy to help people living extreme situations. Our very first meetings in the Quito Dump were Kids Clubs, where the children of Dump recyclers were washed, fed and taught basic skills like coloring and storytelling.

Today we know that Educational Access - offering opportunities for struggling families to learn - is crucial in helping them escape generational poverty. Education builds self-esteem, while opening doors to employment, sustainable families and community leadership.

Unfortunately, many children from poor families drop out of school because they lack school supplies, uniforms or nutrition. School pack drives, early childhood education, after-school programs and nutritious meals help overcome these challenges.

As a result, ER has made Educational Access a strategic initiative.

Our programs that address Educational Access for children include the South Africa Dream Centre, the Manila Children's Home, the Quito Dump Child Development Center and the Quito After-School Program. In addition, many of our 30 partners operate programs that provide educational support for children.

While we focus heavily on children, we also address the educational needs of adults. Click here to find information our educational programming for women. ER also operates a Men's Program in Quito, where men learn carpentry, electrical and life skills in a workshop on the ground of the Quito Dump.

Educational Access Initiative Projects

ER works closely with our staff and partners to offer projects that create lasting impact. Here are three that still need funding:

  1. SCHOOL PACKS - 1000 Packs/Kids Impacted - $33,000

Many kids cannot attend school or get the tutoring they need because they cannot afford uniforms, backpacks, fees and/or supplies.

  • 1,000 school packs, school supplies and uniforms.

We're creating impact through 12 Partners and 3 Programs:

  • Partners:
    • AFRICA – Kindle (Malawi), African Hope Trust ( South Africa), , Monte Christo (South Africa), BELWOP (Kenya)
    • ASIA - IT Tender (Philippines)
    • AMERICAS - House of Hope (Haiti)
  • Programs:
    • Dream Center (South Africa)
    • MCH (Philippines),
    • Quito After-School  (Ecuador) 
  1. STRATEGIC CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT 460* Kids Impacted - $88,000

After-school tutoring and education reinforcement programs, construction of four preschools, provision of rive basic children’s libraries.

Many of the children we serve attend overcrowded schools with high student-to-teacher ratios; they often live in crowded conditions lacking electricity, Internet access or running water.

  • Education reinforcement and tutoring programs:
    • South Africa Dream Centre
    • Quito After-School Program
  • Provide 4 preschools with Kindle Orphan Outreach – Salima, Malawi
    • Construct 4 preschools in villages. The villagers will be trained and supervised as they teach their own children.
  • Provide 5 basic children’s libraries
    • Books will be purchased locally in Africa, Asia and Latin America to provide reading materials for education reinforcement.
  1. EDUCATOR DEVELOPMENT50+ teachers impacted & 650+ kids impacted - $21,400

Provides Teacher Training Conference in Ecuador and Teacher Education in the Philippines

  • Provide University Teacher Education in the Philippines for IT Tender staff.
  • Host a one-day Teacher Training Conference in Quito to benefit ER programs and partners.

We see tremendous potential in the people we serve  waiting to be unleashed so they can live fulfilling lives.

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” – Buckminster Fuller

There are several ways you can get involved in our Educational Access Initiative.

  • Serve as a short-term volunteer or on a team that travels to our programs to teach, instruct, lead field trips or operate sports camps.
  • Support our "Educational Access" initiative. Donations are vital to operating our programs.
  • Participate in our annual summer School Pack Drive to help assure that children from struggling families have supplies and uniforms necessary to attend their schools.

We need help in our educational programming. If you are interested, email us at