Leadership Development

Extreme Response believes that in providing leadership development to strategically placed leaders around the world, we are building sustainability into organizations that are working to change the lives of people living in extreme situations.

Because of this, one of the core initiatives of Extreme Response is Leadership Development.

In 2018, we are engaged in these strategic projects:

In April, we gathered 56 Coaches and Leaders together in Rome, Georgia to hold our 12th Annual Leader Mundial Summit.


This Summit matches together business and organizational COACHES from North America with non-profit LEADERS from 14 different countries. Coaches bring their experience, their skills and their willingness to Leaders that want to learn, that want to grow and that want to increase their impact.

As a result, both Coaches and Leaders are challenged by a team of TRAINERS as we build a learning community that provides these things that leaders around the world need:
*Strategic Training
*Applicable Resources
*A Coaching Relationship
*A Learning Community

At our 2018 Summit:
28 Non-Profit, global organizations were impacted by having key leaders trained and equipped
23 North-American companies, churches and organizations were impacted by having coaches participate, learn and expand their global perspective.

Beyond the training and resources, relationships were built and strengthened, resulting in collaborative projects and future synergy.

In October of 2018, we will hold 3 Regional Leadership Summit for men and women in leadership. Summits will be led, taught and organized by leaders from the Global Summit. We are expecting:
*30 Leaders to gather in Cape Town, South Africa
*35 Leaders to gather in Manila, Philippines
*30 Leaders to gather in Quito, Ecuador

This is MULTIPLICATION.  Leaders training other Leaders.

In August of 2018, we will hold a Women's Leadership Day in Cape Town, South Africa. As we explore aspects of leadership that are unique to women in key roles, we will do a one-day gathering that will lay the foundation for a future movement of leadership development in Africa.

In 2018, we anticipate 176 strategically placed leaders to participate in our leadership development initiative projects, representing over 116 different organizations that are involved in changing lives.

We are looking for :
*Coaches to come alongside Global Leaders
*Trainers that would be willing to travel, teach, and engage with leaders
*Funding to provide resources for these leaders as well as on-going coaching

Our Leadership Development Initiative exists to position leaders and organizations for greater global impact.

To participate, contact Russ Cline at rcline@extremeresponse.org.