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Hungry and poorly educated children are caught in a hopeless circle of poverty. But a well-fed child can walk to school, concentrate, do homework and work toward a better life. Extreme Response works with children around the world to provide education reinforcement and guide them to developing knowledge, moral character and skills. By combining an invitation to know Jesus, nutrition, and education reinforcement, we are giving them hope for the future.


With the support of our volunteers and donors, we are feeding kids and providing education support in the Quito Dream Center After-School program. All of these children are living in extreme poverty.

Children Are Gaining Hope and Skills at the Quito Dream Center

Christopher’s* family has struggled to get by since the death of his father. Fortunately, he is part of the after-school program at the Quito Family Resource Center so he receives a nutritious meal each time he attends. Plus, we often are able to give him leftovers to take home to his mother and siblings.

It’s amazing how much a bowl of rice, chicken and vegetables can restore kids suffering from poor diets and even malnutrition.

We have seen how the combination of nutrition, tutoring and compassion can make a huge difference in the life of a child. Take, for example, the story of Cristina* who has been part of our program for seven years. We see so much fruit from her participation in our program, particularly her value and love of school. She will graduate in 2021 and hopes to go to university to study history or architecture. She works alongside her recycling mom to sell homemade granola as a means of making extra money for the family and to supplement her education needs. Cristina is still growing in confidence as to who she is, her abilities and the plans God has for her. We’ll be cheering her on, every step of the way!

We want to create many more Christophers and “Cristinas” who graduate high school, go to college or learn a trade, and become strong leaders in their communities.

*Names changed for privacy.

Pathways To Hope

Do Something Today

Short-Term Volunteers and Career Staff are vital to the success of Extreme Response and our programs. Without you, we would not be able to change as many lives as we do. We mobilize people to serve others through volunteering, career work and advocating.

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