Scholarships Redefine the Future for Vulnerable Kids

Our monthly scholarship program provides children enrolled in Extreme Response programs with education reinforcement, school supplies, hot meals, life skills training and a safe and nurturing environment.

Sadly, children living in developing countries often drop out of school because their families cannot afford something as basic as school supplies, uniforms or food. Fortunately, ER has proven that providing these items when necessary, along with daily encouragement, keeps kids in school and on par with their peers.

Select a location below to learn more about our programs and how to become a sponsor.    

There are 40+ kids enrolled in the Quito Dream Center, with more waiting to join. Scholarships are needed for school supplies, hot meals, books and computers.

There are 31 kids enrolled in the Fish Hoek Dream Center, with many more on the wait list. Scholarships are needed to provide school supplies, uniforms, transportation and nutrition.

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