Women’s Empowerment

Empowering Women: Advancing the Cause of Women Living in Extreme Conditions

Extreme Response International recognizes that women disproportionately bear the burden of poverty throughout the world. Women living in extreme conditions are in desperate need of education, skills and advocates. In response, we run programs and partner with community-based organizations that serve at-risk women.

Women often are the greatest influencers in struggling communities because they care for themselves, their children and other family members. But they need nutritional guidance, skills training and micro-business support to help themselves and their families.

In Quito, Ecuador, we operate a thriving Women's Program that attracts more than 60 women every week. In Manila, Philippines, we offer an eight-month sewing and embroidery course through Golden Hands Livelihood Educational Program. Graduates get a certificate and a sewing machine to start their own businesses. A new program, Pathway For Hope, addresses educational needs in an at-risk Manila community.

Women's Empowerment Initiative Projects

ER works closely with our staff and partners to offer projects that create lasting impact. Here are five that still need funding:

Rescuing and Restoring Women - Anti-Trafficking
This is a multi-faceted approach to fighting human trafficking through prevention, rescue, restoration and advocacy.

- We'll sponsor a Border Station along the Nepal-India Border to counsel and rescue girls being trafficked.
- We'll launch a community group that provides business training, women's empowerment tools and anti-trafficking awareness to one community in Nepal.
- We'll distribute anti-trafficking curriculum globally to each of the Extreme Response Partners and Programs.
- We'll help other partners targeting anti-trafficking projects in South Africa and Ecuador.

We are raising $54,000 to address this key initiative project. To support this work, we’ve established the Empowerment Fund.

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Women's Business Development
We will train and invest in committed women who will impact their families and communities through small business development.

- We are training women in Ecuador, Nepal, the Philippines and South Africa.
- We are launching businesses in the Philippines, Ecuador, Malawi and in Nepal.
- We are providing business coaching and ongoing support to women in the Philippines that are growing their businesses.

We are raising $100,000 to support this key initiative project.

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Women's Life Skills Training
Basic Life Skills Training brings hope to women who often feel inferior because they live in extreme situations. The skills taught may include nutrition, personal hygiene, basic financial management, social skills and conflict resolution. These skills, once learned, can be passed down to future generations. Investing in committed women will have a lasting impact on families, communities and the whole society.

- We are providing life skills training to 60 women through our Family Resource Center in Ecuador on a weekly basis.
- We are helping to provide life skills training to women in South Africa with our partner, Living Hope.
- We are coming alongside women in the Philippines with our partner Batang Matinik.

We are raising $23,000 to support this key initiative project.

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Pathway for Hope
This is a new community development program in Manila, Philippines targeting a group of women in a poor community. The program will address leadership training, life skills support, small-business development and family education.

We are raising $88,000 to fund this key initiative project.

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Women's Health
Health and nutrition play a major role in empowering women. We have a number of multi-faceted projects  connected to this initiative. Some of these include:
- Providing electricity to a medical clinic with Partner Kindle Orphan Outreach in Malawi.
- Providing clean water with a potential partner in Central Asia to a community with unsafe and unclean water.
- Providing health and fitness training to 60 women on a weekly basis at our Family Resource Center in Ecuador.

We are raising $116,000 to fund these key initiative projects.

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Interested in joining our efforts to empower women? Email us at info@extremeresponse.org.