ER Launches Edukids20 to Educate and Inspire At-Risk Boys

Extreme-Response-EDUkids-LogoVisiting the poor in the Philippines can be startling and emotional. Squatter communities throughout Manila house thousands of people. It is not unusal to see families living in small, make-shift shanties without power or plumbing. They do their best to get through each day.

The deep poverty produces another unfortunate outcome. Many children end up on the streets through economic necessity, to escape bad home situations or in search of something more in their lives. The lives of these children matter greatly to and our partners.

As a result of seeing street kids suffering, we launched the Manila Children's Home (MCH) in 2014. We currently care for 10 boys. The boys are mostly street kids who were abandoned, neglected, abused or orphaned, but now have a loving home and bright future.

Providing a caring environment is only part of our responsibility. We have full-time staff who provide nutritious meals and snacks, tutoring, social monitoring, healthcare, educational oversight and a family experience. Our house parents and staff are deeply invested into the lives of all the boys.

TotoAs you can imagine, these boys come from broken situations. Most are way behind in school and require special help. Take Toto for example. Coming from a home that lacked parental guidance, he failed school three times.
As his home life disintegrated, he floundered. But since he came to the Manila Children's home, Toto is succeeding in school.


In order to sustain the educational needs of the boys at the MCH, we've launched Edukids20. The goal of Educkids20 is:

To transform each boy’s life through education, nutrition and good values to help them reach their full potential.

Edukids20 has four core planks, including:
Edukids20 1. Access to education and provision of supplies

2. Good health and nutrition

3. Values formation, character development and child advocacy

4. Skills and leadership training.

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Edukids20 is a platform that allows sponsors to come alongside each of our boys to cover the costs of school, supplies, tutoring and lunch. We’re looking for sponsors who will give $20 a month to support a boy. Four sponsors who give $20 a month will provide for all of a boy’s needs for a year! Would you be willing to help a boy like Toto? Click here to give to Edukids20.

“Education can help you to read better, speak better and gain valuable skills needed to find a good job. Education can provide you with information necessary for being a good citizen in a globalized world by giving you a better understanding of the beliefs and customs of other cultures. Thanks to education, you will be less likely to believe myths and superstitions and more likely to make intelligent decisions.” – Donna Halper