Save Children From Human Trafficking

Extreme-Response-Safe180-LogoER partner, KI Nepal, rescues girls being trafficked between Nepal and India. Once these girls are rescued, many end up in one of 12 safe houses throughout Nepal. The girls receive counseling, medical help, job training and hope.

Homecoming Queen: Rescuing Girls From the Slave Trade

“Lily” grew up like the other young girls in her tiny village in Nepal. One day while fetching water, Lily met some people who promised her a better life if she would go with them to India. She agreed. But when they reached the border between Nepal and India, KI Nepal staff (an Extreme Response partner) stopped them, with the help of police, for questioning. Lily was being trafficked! The police detained her new “friends” and KI Nepal staff took Lily to a nearby emergency shelter. She was rescued just in time.

Today there are 73 girls in these safe homes. Our Safe180 program provides funds so these girls can remain in the safe home for up to a year. Then they are able to return home or launch a micro business. It costs $100 per month for each girl to stay in a safe home.

Become a Safe180 Partner! Giving $10, $50, or $100 monthly will help protect them, train them for jobs, and equip them for their futures. Tell your friends and ask them to join you.

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