South Africa Scholarship Fund

Extreme Kids South Africa Scholarship Fund

Extreme-Response-South-Africa-Scholarship-Fund-full-color-horizantalThe vision of the Extreme Kids South Africa Scholarship Fund is to enable individuals, families, businesses, youth and small groups to partner with ER Africa by providing scholarships for established children who are learners at The Dream Centre or cared for at God’s Little Lighthouse (GLL). GLL primarily serves pre-school children, while the Dream Centre focuses on older kids. The children attending these programs are from high-poverty settlements near Cape Town, South Africa. Their families have few resources and most kids do not finish high school.

south-africa-scholarship-fund-2The ER Dream Centre serves alongside GLL to provide a safe early and primary learning environment for children at risk for falling behind academically. We want to help children learn to dream big dreams and reach their potential. Currently, kids fall behind as they leave GLL to attend a local public school. Now the Dream Centre will provide a safe after-school tutoring and homework help program to enable these kids to succeed academically. The Dream Centre also will partner with schools and parents to ensure the children remain on course with his or her academic studies and provide opportunities for them to develop their talents.

Why Offer Scholarships (Sponsorships)?

South-Africa-Dream-CenterA new report from researchers at the University of San Francisco reveals that sponsored children are more likely to graduate both secondary school and college, have salaried employment and be leaders in their communities. Sponsorship makes children 27%-40% more likely to complete secondary school and 50%-80% more likely to complete a university education. Child sponsorship appears to be the great equalizer in education. In areas where outcomes are worse, such as sub-Saharan Africa, impacts are greater.

This is why The Dream Centre name is so appropriate. You see, poverty causes children to have low self-esteem and aspirations. But a scholarship helps expand children's views about their own possibilities. With education, we help each child realize he or she is a special gift that can benefit their community, and we encourage them to develop aspirations for their future.

For just $20 per month, you can provide a scholarship for the children at The Dream Centre or God's Little Lighthouse. These funds primarily provide school supplies, a safe after-school enviroment and nutritious snacks. Click here to participate in the Extreme Kids South Africa Scholarship Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my scholarship funds be used?

south-africa-scholarship-fund-4Our goal is build life-long relationships with your special child, their parents, their schools and their communities through early childhood development, educational assistance and nutrition. We will combine your scholarship with those of other donors instead of giving directly to your special child. This will ensure the child receives the full benefits of your scholarship and that children without scholarships continue to benefit from our programs and partners.

How long will my sponsorship last?

Your scholarship will last for as long as you choose. We would love for you to have a life-long relationship with your special child and assist them through high school. We recognize this might not be realistic. If you are unable to provide a scholarship at any point, simply contact us at

What happens if scholarship child leaves God’s Little Lighthouse or The Dream Centre?

Some children will move out of God’s Little Lighthouse and The Dream Centre for various reasons. If this should occur to your scholarship child, we will contact you with the option of choosing another special child who needs scholarship or discontinuing it.

May I send gifts to my child?

In order to avoid alienating children with donors who do not send gifts, we will not be able to accept gifts for your scholarship child. However, we do appreciate financial donations that allow us to provide birthday parties and special events for all the children.

May I visit my child?

south-africa-scholarship-fund-1We encourage you to visit South Africa, The Dream Centre and God’s Little Lighthouse. During your visit, you are welcome to meet with your child and spend time with him or her. We also encourage you to join a volunteer team traveling to South Africa in order to see the full impact ER and our partners have in the region. You can learn more about our volunteer short-term here.

How will you keep me informed of what my sponsorship is achieving?

You will receive access to a private Facebook page and newsletters (sign up here) during the year regarding The Dream Centre, God’s Little Lighthouse and other ER programs.

Will my child have other sponsors?

Possibly. Hopefully. We strive for every child to have at least one scholarship. Our prayer is that each child will have several scholarship and know that she/he is so loved that many people want to be their friend. A child scholarship not only benefits the child. The sponsor also benefits. We do not want to deny anyone the opportunity to partnering with a child and helping change their life.

Can I sponsor a child on a yearly basis instead of monthly?

south-africa-scholarship-fund-3Yes. Contact us at and we will pair you with a child. Then you can send a donation of $240 ($20 x 12 months) of the entire year. You will still receive the photo, profile, and updates as well as have access to the private Facebook page and the online messaging form. We will contact you annually to ask if you plan to continue your scholarship.

How does a scholarship differ from a child sponsorship?

Yes, at the basic levels a child scholarship is the same as a child sponsorship. However, scholarship indicates that the money donated is being used more towards educational expenses than life expenses. To scholarship a child at God’s Little Lighthouse will provide a safe place and nutritious meals (life expenses); however, it will go even further by providing a foundation of education needed to be successful in school. To scholarship a child in The Dream Centre is to invest in at the child’s academic future as well as their future dreams.

Click here to participate in the Extreme Kids South Africa Scholarship Fund.