Compassion Helps Shy Kufara Boldly Pursue Her Dreams

Kufara pursues boldness.

Kufara pursues boldness.

“On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul.” – Psalm 138:3 (NASV)

Do you remember the moment you conquered a fear? When you went from terrified and unsure to bold and confident? Maybe it was when you first joined a competitive sports team, or made a solo presentation to an audience?

You initially felt intimidated but ended feeling self-assured and courageous. Those moments shaped you. You became stronger. You were changed inside, forever.

Like you, Kufara (privacy name) has changed forever. She has been a student at ER’s Fish Hoek Dream Center since 2017. She was once very shy and unsure but is now boldly chasing her dreams of becoming a doctor.

Kufara’s family lives in a settlement called Masiphumelele. They are from Zimbabwe and speak Shona. When she came to South Africa, timid Kufara was so overwhelmed by the unfamiliar cultures and languages that her school teachers thought she had trouble learning and might not pass her class or move to the next grade.

Fortunately, the compassion of our Dream Center staff helped her overcome her struggles and begin to excel scholastically.

Kufara pursues boldness

Kufara washes the little kids’ feet.

Kufara had more fears. She was terrified of the water, so she took swimming lessons to conquer her fear. She then traveled a road of boldness by joining running, art, typing and photography clubs, and became a leader to the other kids in the process. She even practiced servant leadership by washing their feet.

Kufara’s most recent act of boldness was to gain entrance to an online high school after getting rejected by her first choices. She waited nine months for acceptance, kept her chin up, and is now thriving.

“Kufara dreams of being a doctor one day and there is no doubt she will succeed.” – Amy Townsend, Fish Hoek Dream Center Director

Compassion Helps Shy Kufara Boldly Pursue Her Dreams

Children like Kufara have many fears stemming from extreme poverty, abuse, or neglect. They fear hunger, losing their home, and being unable to support themselves. They fight every day to break their chains of poverty and find their life’s purpose.

Around the world, we help people dream big dreams and build big boldness!

A gift of $25 dollars can make a huge difference in helping children like Kufara overcome their fears, grow their faith, and pursue their dreams.

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From Troublemaker to Peacemaker: Aliza’s Journey Inspires

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” — John 16:33

From Troublemaker to PeacemakerOur world desperately needs peacemakers — people who love their neighbors. Together, we are making this dream reality. One example is Aliza*, who has attended the Fish Hoek Dream Center since 2016.

Aliza was considered a troublemaker in pre-school – always seeking attention with negative behavior. She irritated her classmates, defied teachers, and fought on the bus. Something was missing in Aliza’s life. She could not dream about her future because she was living in survival mode.

One day the kids were learning about the fruit of the spirit. Ironically, Aliza said she wanted to be a “peacemaker”. It was quite a statement from a child who was anything BUT a peacemaker. For the next seven years rarely a week went by when Aliza did not instigate problems.

From Troublemaker to Peacemaker: Aliza Learns to Dream

From Troublemaker to PeacemakerThis year Aliza is attending an online high school and is learning computer skills. She has excelled with structure, support, and consistency. Aliza went from NO dreams to BIG dreams. Her BIG dream is to become a fashion designer and she is passionately studying creative art and sewing.

Aliza’s high school support coach raves about her turnaround. “Aliza did so well in her Homeroom Hangout presentation. It was thoughtful and caring. She had many of us in our ‘good feels’ and a few of us in tears. I am so proud of her, and I encourage her to continue acting on her thoughtfulness.”

Aliza also asked many questions about God and decided to follow Jesus. She is a changed person – heart, mind, and spirit. While hints remain of the old Aliza, a beautiful new Aliza is shining through. She is thriving at school, attends church and youth group, and shares her faith.

From Troublemaker to PeacemakerTogether, we dream each person in our programs follows a similar path – setting aside their troubles, growing their faith, and prospering in their education, jobs, families, and communities.

If you are reading this, you invest your time, talent, and treasure in people like Aliza. Will you donate to our Together We Dream fundraiser today and make more dreams a reality?

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Your partnership is vital in our ability to serve others. Thank you — we cannot do it without you. Let’s keep dreaming together!

Brad McKenna, ER President and CEO

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

*Name changed for privacy

Caught Between Two Worlds, Mika Overcomes Adversity

March 2023
Mika* is outgoing, friendly and loves daydreaming. She and her older sister attend the Fish Hoek Dream Center. Her father works in security and her mother works at a school. The family is racially mixed, which causes problems for the children. They are caught between two different cultures.
During the 2020 lockdown, Mika’s family struggled with fear and job loss. Mika sporadically attended kindergarten and she fell behind. When she began Grade 1 in 2022, Mika was not ready for the level of work. Her marks were dangerously low, and we worried she would fail Grade 1. Mika was determined to work harder than ever. By the end of Grade 1, she improved her marks by 20%.
Now in Grade 2, Mika persists in working hard at her homework. Although she remains a few steps behind her peers, she does not allow her academic difficulties to deter her from having a positive experience in her classroom. Her teachers adore her and she has very strong relationships with her peers.
She loves being barefoot, getting her hands dirty, feeling the soils and grass on her fingers. Mika is fascinated by creatures and often finds little bugs she carries around.
Mika’s sweet smile is infectious, and she is full of joy. Mika’s dream is to be a veterinarian and spend every day around animals. She has a gentle and kind nature that would aid her in this profession.
*Name changed.

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