Fast Stat: 46 kids in the Quito After-School Program receive 7,500+ hot meals annually, providing valuable nutrition and energy to learn.

Miguel* is no newcomer to our Quito After-School Program. This 12-year-old has been with us for four years. He’s a lovable rogue, one of several we serve. Some days he drives us crazy with his challenging behavior. He has a tough-guy attitude. Sometimes he hits other kids, lies and talks back. He struggles academically. He lacks motivation. We love him regardless and keep heaping praise and encouragement upon him.

Like many of the kids whose parents work as recyclers in the Quito Dump, Miguel’s home life was a pressure cooker of poverty, alcohol abuse and low education. But…if he would just apply himself at school and our education reinforcement program, Miguel could have a future filled with opportunities.

Miguel completed sixth grade and a miracle happened. In the final two months of school – completely defying end-of-school-year-madness – Miguel pulled a 180 degree turn-around. He stepped up and dutifully completed all his homework, even to the point of calling one of his tutors when he needed help one night!

And he started demonstrating respect, patience and joyfulness. We’re in a little bit of shock. Yet we celebrate what God is doing in Miguel’s life and the sweet fruit we are seeing. His parents became Christians three years ago and their faith has revolutionized their family dynamic. The investment in Miguel is paying off and his future overflows with hope.

How You Can Help the Next Lovable Rogue

Please consider providing a pathway to hope for the next Miguel. Many kids are waiting. We need your help! Click HERE and designate your gift “Quito Kids”.

*Name changed for privacy

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