Mika Overcomes Culture, Lockdowns

Mika* is outgoing, friendly and loves daydreaming. She and her older sister attend the Fish Hoek Dream Center. Her father works in security and her mother works at a school. The family is racially mixed, which causes problems for the children. They are caught between two different cultures.
During the 2020 lockdown, Mika’s family struggled with fear and job loss. Mika sporadically attended kindergarten and she fell behind. When she began Grade 1 in 2022, Mika was not ready for the level of work. Her marks were dangerously low, and we worried she would fail Grade 1. Mika was determined to work harder than ever. By the end of Grade 1, she improved her marks by 20%.
Now in Grade 2, Mika persists in working hard at her homework. Although she remains a few steps behind her peers, she does not allow her academic difficulties to deter her from having a positive experience in her classroom. Her teachers adore her and she has very strong relationships with her peers.
She loves being barefoot, getting her hands dirty, feeling the soils and grass on her fingers. Mika is fascinated by creatures and often finds little bugs she carries around.
Mika’s sweet smile is infectious, and she is full of joy.Mika’s dream is to be a veterinarian and spend every day around animals. She has a gentle and kind nature that would aid her in this profession.
*Name changed.

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