Leadership Development

Programs that Position Leaders for Greater Global Impact

Extreme Response believes that in providing leadership development to strategically placed leaders around the world, we are building sustainability into organizations that are working to change the lives of people living in extreme situations.

We create Coaching Communities around the globe that bring leaders and coaches together to provide four things:

  • Strategic Training. Training that helps these leaders lead themselves, lead others and lead their organizations better
  • Applicable Resources. We connect Leaders with resources and tools that will help them learn and develop into better leaders.
  • Coaching Conversations. Our Leaders have access to Coaches who bring their experience and expertise to the conversation to encourage, challenge and equip.
  • A Leadership Community. Relationships are built through our Communities. Leaders and Coaches learn from each other. There is deep trust and relationship and these Communities become a vital support system for these Leaders.

Join us as we meet in community settings throughout the year:

  • We host an annual Global Leadership Summit in Georgia for Leaders and Coaches from around the world. This is a men’s Coaching Community.
  • We have Regional Coaching Communities for men and women in leadership in Ecuador, the Philippines, South Africa, Nepal and Central Asia.
  • We have an online Coaching Community that provides ongoing connection, training and resources.
  • We provide direct individual Coaching to Leaders who are a part of our Communities.
  • Our goal is to “Position Leaders and Organizations for Greater Global Impact”. We evaluate our effectiveness by measuring:
  • How is the Leader doing in managing and leading his/her own life?
  • How is the Leader doing in leading and influencing his/her organization?
  • How is the Leader’s team doing in its development and growth?
  • Is the organization fulfilling its vision and making a difference? How is this happening?
  • Are the Leader and organization healthy?

Through The Mundo Fund, we are creating opportunities for Leadership Development and Business Sustainability. We believe that when you invest in Leadership and Sustainability, organizations make a lasting impact.

If you’d like to know more about The Mundo Fund, an Impact Investing Fund, contact Russ at ER: rcline@extremeresponse.org​.

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