pandemic responseMay 2 Pandemic Response Update: The Philippines stay-at-home quarantine has been extended to May 15. But we have good news. ER Asia staff and other local volunteers have successfully provided emergency food to hundreds of families in the Taytay, Rizal community served by our Pathway For Hope (PFH) program. A recent report filed by ER’s Maryann Dagdag provided these  outreach stats:

  • 758 families and 3,790 individuals in the community received food packets in April.
  • An additional 150 Muslim families received food packets on May 1.
  • Food packets included a healthy mix of rice, beans and fresh veggies.
  • Recipients included many senior citizens, PFH participants and other vulnerable neighbors.
  • A significant portion of the funds for these outreaches came from local sources, with the rest coming from ER global donors.


Pandemic ResponseApril 23 Pandemic Response Update: The Philippines stay-at-home quarantine has been extended through April 30. Through April 23, our Manila staff members have distributed food to 5,064 families in need, totaling 30,800 people. They are receiving large quantities of vegetables and food staples.

ER Asia staff members are reaching out in a big way to help the vulnerable people of greater Manila during the Coronavirus pandemic. People living in the Philippines are under a “state of calamity” and stringent lockdown, which is causing tremendous hardship for the poor. ER’s pandemic response started by helping a few hundred families, but the need became so great the target has exceeded 5,000+ families.

ER’s Gela Basiwa, shares from the front lines of food distribution:

“I was planning to shop for 92 families, but people are calling, texting and telling me verbally they really need food. With such incredible need, we’re planning to help 1,000 families by providing two or three days worth of food. They are very thankful indeed.”

Food Staples Distributed to 366 (now 5,064) Families So Far

Pandemic ResponseThe food is comprised of rice, cooking oil, drinks and other basic staples. It is bought in bulk and then divided into family-size bags for distribution. The team also includes a small piece of paper with the verse John 3:16 (Jesus loves you).

“Through your love, prayers and financial support, we were able to purchase and package relief food for 366 families from Muntinlupa, San Pedro and Alabang (Manila suburbs). The people we are helping work for daily wages as a tricycle drivers, bus drivers, construction workers, street sales, senior citizens and other low-income families. With the government quarantine in place, they don’t have means of generating income to care for their families.

“Upon seeing how people are being impacted by the pandemic, I have been moved by God to raise funds for these families. I am praying we can give more supplies to help Filipino families,” Gela said. “I also see a big opportunity to minister to them and show them the promises of God. Please join me in your prayers, support and love to help those in hunger and in sicknesses.”

As the pandemic expands, ER is increasing our response by providing food and other emergency supplies to more people in need. If you’d like to help, donate here and select “COVID-19 Feeding & Response”. Thank you for your investment in vulnerable people!

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