“Based upon the success with our current kids, we feel led to open three new Dream Centers in the next 24 months in order to provide pathways of hope.” — Jerry Carnill

Have you ever experienced life-giving hope? If you are like me, you have spent nights wrestling with despair. Something happened or didn’t happen that caused the future to look bleak or even futile. But then hope broke through… Hope is powerful! It motivates, inspires and often relaunches lives. Hope is more than emotion, it is spiritual. It puts who we are, and what we can become and where we can go into perspective.

Pathways To HopeHave you ever had the opportunity to give someone life-giving hope? To actually help them see a future filled with hope. That is what we get to do every day at Extreme Response. We want you to experience this with us.

Through careful evaluation, we have determined how we most effectively invest in futures. For kids, we whole-heartedly believe, and know from experience, that mentoring and helping them succeed in school creates this pathway to hope.

How Are Helping Kids?

Today we do life with about 100 at-risk kids in Quito, Ecuador and at our Dream Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. We help them to learn, to hope, and to thrive in a world that seems against them. As we build relationships with “our” kids, we have many opportunities to celebrate victories, and at times we cry together. Through relationships, we are addressing emotional and spiritual issues, preparing them for lives that will be very different from their parents and helping them with their school work.

Based on the success with our current kids, we feel led to open three new Dream Centers in the next 24 months. During the next five years, we would like to be operating 15 centers. This is a big goal – a multi-million-dollar dream that will create pathways of hope for thousands of kids.

We must act now! In Malawi, many children we know are in classrooms overflowing with 100 kids and just one teacher. In the Philippines, children cannot enter school without basic alphabet knowledge. Imagine being an under-educated parent trying to help your child. Where is the hope in these situations?

Would you help us build the Dream Centers and provide pathways of hope for thousands of kids? We have the experience. The kids are waiting.

How To Donate

Please prayerfully consider what you can give to this expansion. Click HERE to donate and designate your gift “Dream Centers”.

ER's Jerry Carnill joins ER's Dream Center after-school team, which provides pathways to hope for for more than 30 South African kids.I think you’ll agree the kids are worthy of our investment in their futures. Thank you for helping replace despair with hope!

You also are invited to participate in this work as a volunteer. Click here to learn how you can serve at one of our Dream Centers or join a short-term team. Your involvement would be enormously beneficial and you’ll have fun doing it.

Serving Together,

Jerry Carnill, President & CEO

P.S.  Watch Facebook, Instagram and our eNewsletters for updates on our Dream Center expansion during the next 24 months.

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