Quito Dream Center Girl Studies Pharmaceuticals

Belén has come a long way. She has a dream, goals and hope for her future. Belén was raised in extreme poverty in Ecuador.

Her mother is a recycler who has struggled to provide for her family. Despite these trials, Belén recounts her childhood as being calm and being surrounded by love. Her mother has been a part of the Quito Women’s Program for many years.

At age 10, Belén enrolled in the Quito Dream Center and became a hard-working student where she received tutoring, encouragement and support from her teachers and peers. She credits them with her knowledge of the Word of God and for helping her feel safe, despite her difficult realities.

Belén successfully navigated virtual school during the pandemic and achieved what had previously been unattainable in the recycling community – she graduated from high school in 2021.

Today, Belén is enrolled in a Higher Education Technical Institute which is a first for our Dream Center students! She is studying pharmaceuticals.

Her dream is to graduate in two years and build a successful life for herself, her family and her community.

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