Like you, we have deep compassion for the people of Venezuela and Colombia who have left their countries in order to survive. These desperate refugees are scattering throughout South America. Thousands of hurting and hungry people are streaming through Quito, Ecuador, looking for a safe haven.

ER is working with long-time partner Pan de Vida, which does incredible outreach to street people in Quito. For the last year, Pan de Vida has added hundreds of refugees to its outreach.

According to Russ Cline, ER’s role includes:

*Funding for food distribution and hot meals.

*Distributing clothes through Pan de Vida using a donation from the Marriott Hotel in Quito.

*Micro-business training starting this fall.

*ER and a volunteer team also provided a Christmas Celebration with the refugees last December.

Pan de Vida’s Oscar Aguirre is leading the outreach. He shares, “First of all, thank you in behalf all the refugee families for your generous donations. Please pass along those words to the donors.”

In the last month alone, Pan de Vida provided the following opportunities to refugees:

Sunday Food Program. About 50% of the families that come every week are Venezuelan and Colombian refugees. We distribute 800 meals every month to 200 people/week.
Micro-business Incubator Program. We offer two sessions every week (Monday and Wednesday). About 55 families participate with about 60% immigrants.
Immigrant Humanitarian Help. We meet every other Thursday and provide food, clothing, legal advice and information on local services.
Health. We include refugees in the two health fairs we’ve held, providing many with medical treatment. We also have done home visits that resulted in many health screenings, tests and medicined dispensed.

Want to help these refugees? Click here and designate your donation “Quito Refugees”.

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