Fast Stat: 33 kids who attend the South Africa Dream Center received 3,078 instructional hours from ER staff and volunteers during one 90-day term.

Aziza* was born into a broken family in a settlement in South Africa. Aziza survived, somehow, despite her mom’s inability to care for her. She was left with poor health and concentration. Aziza’s future was bleak!

Fortunately, Aziza’s grandmother became her advocate. She prayed for Aziza to survive and be used greatly in her community. She enrolled Aziza in Extreme Response’s after-school program at our South Africa Dream Center.

A Star Pupil Is Born

ER staff and volunteers poured passionately into Aziza at the Dream Center. Aziza studied hard. She became a star pupil and just completed her first 100-book reading challenge. She is thriving academically. Her future is filled with hope!

Aziza is one of nearly 100 kids in our after-school programs in Cape Town and Quito, and the Manila Children’s Home, who are participating in Education Reinforcement. Hundreds of kids facing similar hardships are served by our partners around the world. Most of these kids would drop out of school and face lifelong poverty without education support.

How You Can Help

Would you provide a pathway to hope for the next Aziza? Many kids are on our waiting lists. Please donate HERE and designate your gift “Dream Center Kids”. Thank you!

*Name changed for privacy

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