ER’s Robyn Wallace of the Quito Dream Center shared her team’s excitement regarding KIDStory training they received, along with other like-minded organizations, in early January 2020.

“ER hosted a two-day training on the art of storytelling with the most important book around, the Bible. Our Quito Dream Center and eight other organizations gathered to learn storytelling techniques from KIDStory, part of Kids Around the World.

KIDStory Training Benefits

“We learned how to tell an engaging and accurate story in a way that lets the Bible speak for itself and leaves room for the Holy Spirit to speak to the children.”

“It was fun and we are pumped to see what God can do through the lives of children by faithfully exposing them to the Bible. How fortunate we are to invest every day in the minds AND hearts of children!”

The KIDStory training is part of ER’s ongoing commitment to investing in our staff and contributing to growth opportunities within the Quito community we serve.


Quito Teacher Training Strengthens Purpose

Extreme Response is committed to providing educational support to children and adults who come from the struggling communities where we serve. In Quito, Ecuador ER staff identified a critical need to strengthen the teaching skills of our partners who engage with high-risk kids. We launched our first Teacher Training Conference to meet this need.

By Robyn Wallace, Quito Children’s Program Director

We wrapped up our first regional Teaching Conference last night here in Quito. A total of 67 teachers registered and just about everyone showed up.

We received rave reviews and many “thank you’s”. Our workshop leader shared her personal journey of how she overcame obstacles and challenges to reach the point where she is today. Her story was inspiring and many teachers approached her afterward to talk. The teachers also gave her strong reviews on the conference evaluation forms.

Here are a few statistics from the conference:

  • 2-day event
  • 67 teachers registered
  • 4 schools, 2 after-school programs (5 ER partners, 1 is our program) participated
  • 8 workshops
  • Key Topic: How to Engage and Motivate Children (elementary school focus)
  • 2 debrief sessions
  • 5 meals provided
  • Overnight housing provided

Teacher training encourages Quito teachersTeacher Training Reinforces Purpose

More important than these statistics was the overall sense of purpose shared among the participants. Many of the teachers are challenged by inadequate resources and struggling students. The conference sessions, combined with the community of like-minded teachers, strengthened their commitment and enthusiasm.

We are thankful to those who support our work here in Ecuador and look forward to continuing to build up these teachers. We’re also thankful for the teachers who attended this conference in order to grow their skills.

Learn more about how ER serves the Quito Dump Recycling Community here and about Educational Reinforcement here.

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