Bridge Church Serves with Passion in South Africa

The Bridge Church of Miramar, FL continues to serve vulnerable people living in Ecuador and South Africa via short-term mission teams. This team poured into the kids at the Fish Hoek Dream Center by helping them with homework, doing crafts, and serving fun food.

Carol Swinson from the Bridge Church shared this blog on how the team engaged with the Dream Center kids and staff:

“Our final day at the Dream Center was full and rewarding. We had three registered nurses on the team this year, so we brought a CPR mannequin to teach the high schoolers basic first aid and CPR.

“Then without skipping a beat, the nurses became chefs and cooked a delicious lunch of curried chicken – Jamaican style. The kids LOVED it and many came back for seconds, licking every morsel from their bowls.

Thank you Bridge Church for your ongoing compassion.

Is your church or school interested in sending a team of compassionate people to serve vulnerable people in places like Metro Manila, CapeTown, or Quito, Ecuador? If so, we need to talk. Reach out to us at

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How One Person Started Two Three-Generation Legacies

Three-Generation LegacyEver wonder what impact one person can have by sharing God’s love? Read on. Cecilia Cabrera (at right in photo) grew up in Quito, Ecuador. When she was nine years old, her father met an HCJB missionary named Senior Guillermo.

“He was a priest figure to us. He was always talking about the Lord,” Cecilia said. “After meeting him, I gained a whole new meaning of what a relationship with God is. He brought a Bible to our house and read it to our family. He got to know us.

“I started seeing big changes in my father. His life was changed completely. He viewed life differently. That’s how my life changed as well.

“Later, I followed my older siblings to the U.S. and became a Christian in a church in Florida at age 27. I got a job with The Bridge Church and eventually I became missions coordinator and team leader for all the missions teams. Both of my children have been short-term missions volunteers.

“While coordinating a short-term trip to Ecuador, I made a connection to Sonia Acosta (above left in photo) who served with Extreme Response (ER). We realized that Senior Guerillmo had led Sonia’s father to the Lord too.

“Because of this connection with Sonia, I called my brothers and sisters and told them about the history. It was exciting to realize that in those early days, God had this plan for me to help spread the word.”

Sonia’s Family Also Experienced a Three-Generation Legacy

Sonia also was influenced through Senior Guerillmo and her father. She worked for HCJB and then ER before retiring. Sonia’s daughter, Johanna Hildago, now serves as ER’s regional coordinator for the Americas.

How’s that for impact? One person, Senior Guerillmo, inspired three generations of two families to faithfully serve God!

This summer, Cecilia and The Bridge Church returned to Quito after postponing their trips because of the pandemic.

“Spending time with Sonia was like seeing my sister again after a few years,” Cecilia said. “I know we share a common bond that is very sweet and that has impacted our lives and our families. She’s an amazing woman of God.”

For Sonia, the connection she shares with Cecilia is powerful. “Ceci and I are Ecuadorian and we love the ministry. We both have a son and a daughter. We share friends and work with ER. Best of all, we both love God.”

The Bridge Church Makes a Huge Investment in San Carlos

Three-Generation Legacy“Our congregation is very invested in this journey (building a church plant in San Carlos with ER’s Pastor Jose and Teresa Jimenez) that started nine years ago, Cecilia said. “We have encouraged our people to get involved. They have seen the progress and how God has worked and blessed, not only the people in Ecuador, but also the lives of our team members.
“Going back to Ecuador after three years of absence was very impactful. The children at San Carlos had grown up so fast. It felt like we missed so much of their lives. On the other hand, our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Ecuador had just grown stronger. We picked up right where we left off. I know God does that for us. He always prepares our hearts for the reunion.
“Leaving Ecuador is never easy. Our time there was amazing. God was in the house! Our visits just keep getting better and better.”
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