Protect, Educate and Feed Vulnerable Kids

Extreme Kids: Helping At-Risk Children

Extreme-Kids-LogoER helps children living in impoverished conditions by providing life-giving necessities. We’ve created a simple, low-cost program called Extreme Kids to address their biggest needs. But we need help. Learn how, for as little as $10 a month, you can make a difference in the lives of children.

Feed and Educate Quito Kids

Quito-Kids-FundHungry children are caught in a hopeless circle of poverty. But a well-fed kid can walk to school, concentrate and work toward a better life. ER has helped children at the Quito Dump since 1997. We do this through a day care center, medical clinic and after-school tutoring program.We launched the Quito Kids Fund to excelerate nutrition and learning. It’s amazing how much a bowl of rice, chicken and vegetables helps a hungry child concentrate, complete homework and succeed in school. Learn more.

Provide Scholarships For South African Kids

South-Africa-Dream-CenterIn developing countries, the cost of an education is out of reach for families struggling with poverty. These expenses are small by North American standards, often consisting of the cost of uniforms, books and school supplies. That’s why we are launching the Extreme Kids South Africa Scholarship Fund. For just a few dollars a month, we can provide a scholarship that will allow a child to attend – and stay in – school. Learn moreClick here to give to the South Africa Kids Scholarship Fund.

Educate and Inspire Boys in the Manila Children’s Home

Edukids20 assists boys who live in the Manila Children’s Home, which is operated by ER Asia. The boys are mostly street kids who were abandoned, neglected, abused or orphaned, but now have a loving home and bright future. Providing a caring environment is only one part of our responsibility for these precious boys. That’s why we launched Edukids20. Edukids20 seeks to transform each boy’s life through education, nutrition and good values to help them reach their full potential.Edukids20Edukids allows sponsors to come alongside each of our boys to cover the costs of school, supplies, tutoring and lunch. We are looking forn sponsors who will give $20 a month to support a boy. Learn moreClick here to give to Edukids20.

Rescue Nepal Girls From Human Trafficking

Safe180ER partner KI Nepal rescues girls being trafficked between Nepal and India. Once rescued, many are brought to safe houses where they receive counseling, medical help, job training and hope. Today there are 73 girls in safe homes.To assist them, we launched Safe180 to help the girls stay in safe homes for up to a year. Afterwards, they are able to return home and launch micro businesses. It costs $100/month for each girl to stay in a safe home. Learn moreClick here to give to Safe180.

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